By Oh God - / Thursday 24 May 2018 06:00 /
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  KittyMack  |  11

Yeah I hate that. I had a gay bestie for years & got too many people asking me "which of them is the 'woman'?". NEITHER! THAT'S THE POINT! My BFF was a bottom but was decidedly manly (fixing cars, fighting, watching football). Bottoming isn't the same as being a sub or whatever.
Hell I'm a plain old cis get female and even I'm not "the woman" in every aspect of my relationships.

  Kaili McCoy  |  6

“Really” to which part? I agree it’s maddening on the “who’s the woman” part of same sex or non-binary couples. I’m just hoping it’s not a “really” to expecting different standards of decency. I think it’s weird that they decided to bone upon meeting the parents for the first time. Unless, the bf was just trying to smuggle his partner home and it was an awkward not-yet-ready-to-meet-but-hey-there-you-are, I still think most people would want to give a polite first impression.

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