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Today, I heard two of my students having a conversation. One asked what state Arizona was in, and the other replied Canada. I teach sixth grade social studies and they weren't joking. FML
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Throw them into a Sparta pit. We don't need any more idiots like them in the world. Fkin kids these days -.-'


laughhh myy freaking asss off ! I think I just peed :p

Arizona isn't in the state of Canada??? I've been living a lie!

arizona, Canada. east of Toronto. look it up

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maybe you should find another career choice.

17, looked it up, didn't find anything proving your statement. even if it was true, the students are still dumb for thinking Canada is a state.

I declare that half of the people on FML are completely dumb. 22 being one. OP don't worry! Why? Cuz in the USA, the biggest country in the world isn't Soviet Russia, it's China! Also in the USA the Middle East is a continent! ( my school is an exam school and this is what the kids think go figure)

That fact that you looked that up is sad. You should have been able to detect the copious amounts of sarcasm in the statement. @2kool4skoolyo - the largest country in the world is, for the record, Canada, as Soviet Russia does not exist anymore.

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22- they're* fck their lives, op

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That's public education for you

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maybe he meant China for its population

Arizona, Canada East of toronto. NOLIE(:

Omg I hav the same pix as my iPod background

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Seems to me like you have some dumb students in your class.

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#1 Youtr point is?!?! What a waste of a first comment smart one... FYL OP but you need to hurry up and get those facts down.... They wouldn't happen to have the names Beavis And Butthead now would they?!

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78 So what the **** you think you better then us Degenerate Bastards?!?!?!??!

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Area: Russia. USA and china are close in size population: china, then India.

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listen you idiots. why are you blaming the 6th grade teacher? school just started so it's not the teachers fault. you have to blame the parents and the 5th grade teacher. also quit blaming public schools. by the 5th grade most of us knew every state and capital of them states in the US.

63, Russia is still the biggest country tho

STOP THE QQ. YDI for being an idiot.

hahaha your sixth grade students are dumb as shit

But Arizona isn't the sate of anything...

104, seriously? Arizona isn't a state? Really? What the Hell are they teaching kids these days?!

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#63 You're dumb as ****, Russia IS the biggest. Canada is 2'nd.

Actually, there IS an Arizona, Canada. But it's not east of Toronto - it's in the Manitoba province. Go to Google Maps and search for Arizona, Canada. Anyhow, I doubt that's the Arizona they were talking about. Idiots like that should be taken out back and shot - clean up the gene pool. ;-)

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maybe they were just ******* with you so you would think you were a horrible teacher. they're probably on FML right now rolling on the floor because of this. way to give them the satisfaction

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so arizona is like a loser state that nobody knows about? sucks that I live there.

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#104-So, if Arizona isn't a state, what is it? Last time I checked, it is a state.

63- isn't the largest country/continent in the world antarctica? op- don't worry it's not your fault those students didn't pay attention. just make sure they no how to say: "would u like the combo or just the sandwich?"

Don't sweat it OP...there were kids in my American History class that didn't know the capital of our own state...that was a high school class

104 you can keep thinking that. now go make me a ******* sandwich you dumb bitch.

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best teacher on the planet u r !

fail 63. Russia is obviously the biggest. even if it lost a bit of land when the soviets died.

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6th grade? ehh. they got a lot more years ahead of them until they need to start listening.

ydi for doing a shitty job teaching them. it's your fault.

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181 yes because that's where the penguins are. ^ did you mean no 'shit' sherlock?

234, I was sure I heard the the penguins declared independence, formed a constution, and elect a president and lawmakers.

today in my u.s history class, the teacher had to explain what "unorthodox and lobotomized meant" its a junior senior class. I almost shot myself cause my friends are so stupid.

ahahahaha!!! that's soo retarded! haha good luck with them and the rest if they think that too :p ohh and umm.. NoT FiRsT!¡! XD

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It appears your just that bad of a teacher...

Wait... and Malaysia isn't in winsconsin?

Hahaha, get your facts straight, dear. Even though Soviet Russia is not the biggest country in the world, RUSSIA is. Canada is second and United States is third, followed by China. There's a 2,736,945 mi^2 gap between first and second place.

# 17: Yes, but Canada isn't a state in their union

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181 - Antarctica would be the biggest country, but they don't consider it a country because no one really lives there (as far as we know) not counting scientists or marine biologists

Awh.. I live in arizona.. The 110• weather is proving not to be in canada...

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169- don't worry arizona is amazing. ARIZONA REPRESENT!

Actually, China is bigger than the U.S.

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Duh. Everyone knows Arizona is in Finland. Stupid kids...

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please tell me you are kidding.

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I figure you are, but I meant #3.

oh , well i'n that case , I hope soo too

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I'm from canada, we hunt polar bears for food, and live In igloos in the winter. In the summer we go sandboarding.

**** that. We RIDE polar bears, eat moose, deer, rabbits and snow cones, live in igloos 24/7 and snowboard all year round!

Don't forget our beavers with maple syrup

Go utilize those mad teaching skills and correct them before they go throughout high school and on into college still thinking that...

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Go use those mad woman skills you got and make me a sammich

Why waste nerds skills? She can bake, think of the potential!

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Being American, this makes me sad. We're the ones that have all the retards that think Arizona is in the state of Canada...

true. I'm Canadian and was in Houston Texas and the lady behind us in customs thought we legit lived in igloos and had snow all year round..

yeah I know. I had to explain to a couple of drunk Americans that the weather in Chicago is the exact same as Toronto.

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haha this fml made me laugh!! my dad talked to these people once who drove from the states into Canada and still thought it was the U.S because the gas station had an American flag and a canadian flag. it's sad really.

Some (but not all) Americans and just ridiculously retarded. I was in New York once and I brought my skateboard to hit some spots. I was with a couple other guys that were skating, and after I told them where I was from, they asked me how I skate on ice. wtf.

It makes me sad also I went to Colorado for the summer cuz of my brothers baseball and some girls asked us of we had accents.... Do we have accents?! :O

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Throw them into a Sparta pit. We don't need any more idiots like them in the world. Fkin kids these days -.-'

They were probably thinking of alaska... I'm sure they'll learn, they're sixth graders which I think is 11 at oldest..

I was close enough. :P I can never remember if a 'grade' is one higher or lower than a 'year'.

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I've seen 12 year olds in the sixth grade - I did a Co-op teaching grade 5 a few years ago. But yeah, they wouldn't have necessarily learned the right answer yet, especially if it's just the beginning of the year. Not all classes in previous years covers that type of material, and if it's the beginning of the year still, it wouldn't have been covered yet. That's what the teacher's for... to teach them the right answer. :D

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Creeper keeper, I think they should have known that. :P

US sixth grade is the equivalent of UK year seven, according to olomisspiggyolo and wiki. So I guess you're right, Thebloodygore, that it's one lower.

Even if they're thinking of Alaska, it's still not in Canada.

I know, but I could understand why a twelve year old might think Alaska is. Seeing as it is surrounded by Canada whilst not technically being a part of it.

#24 u definitely belong with those students...Alaska is part of the US, not Canada, and 12 is the oldest in sixth grade, (unless your an idiot and fail a whole bunch of times - you might know a thing or two about that )

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74, I do believe YOU have no right calling anyone an idiot. She's from the UK. (as am I) We go by years not grades. Alaska is closer to Canada so I understand where she's coming from.

Trisha (#74), I meant I could understand why they might be confused if it was Alaska they were talking about. Not that Alaska was part of Canada. Sheesh was that such a difficult concept to get. Those kids are 12, I can't imagine their geography knowledge is perfect at that age. And yes, Ohthebloodygore is right, I'm from the UK, not the US, therefore I forgot which way the years to grades difference went, so I used the one I know as I knew it would only be one year off. Also, I think you meant 'unless you're an idiot'. Also, I've never repeated a year, I've never failed an important exam either. Please try again. :)

I felt like they might like a proper attempt. :P

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I think it's good of you to give special kids a second chance.

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Actually, trying to guess age based on grade can be a losing battle. The OP is from Virginia, and if we are talking about the more rural parts, there can be 34-year-old grandmothers in 6th grade!

I generally agree with you Cinn because that does make sense. But I personally think that something so ridiculously simple as to teaching that Canada is an entire country on it's, not just a state in the US, should be left to the parents! Also in comment 72 you said "seeing as it is surrounded by Canada whilst not technically being a part of it". Being Canadian this made me rage a little, not gonna lie, Alaska is on the mainland of north america, yes, and is. bordered at the south east by the Yukon territtory of Canada, but otherwise it is lsurrounded" by water, aside from some Canadian islands to the north/north east :P and it is NOT part of Canada at all, saying technically makes it seem like you're trying to say that Canada and Alaska are basically the same, although I'm sure this is not what you meant. Even so I have no reason to hate on you.

@Perdix - I can't say I know that much about state culture :P Also, is there really no limit on how many times you can fail a year and be held back? I mean, here, even if you fail the year you still get to the next one, untill you get to the end of Secondary school, at which point if your grades aren't high enough to be accepted into a college you have to go find a job...

@Crashtest - I'm not saying the kids should believe Canada is part of the USA, or that Alaska is part of Canada, I was just saying that I could understand why they might think it would be. Also, by 'surrounded by' I was referring to bordering countries (ignoring water based bordering), and by 'technically not being part of it' I mean that even though it's attached geographically, it's not the same country. Hope that makes more sense. :)

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not every 12 year old knows the exact same things as every other 12 year old. for example I was in advanced classes my entire elementary school career, so I wasn't dumb enough to think "dur dur Canada is a state." I knew it was the country above the US because I learned that in the 4th grade. generalizing that every 6th grader knows the same things is completely wrong.

I'm not sure who that was aimed at, tweetbaby, but I'll reply anyway. :) You are right that everyone knows different stuff, but I would imagine that states is stuff that gets taught in USA schools, therefore there would be a point at which a child would learn this. However at 12 they're not that old, so they might not have had geography drummed into their head, so some mistakes would be understandable for them to make. Though I agree, thinking Arizona being in Canada is a bad one.

I learned provinces in grade 2, and by then I already knew Alaska was part of the USA. Granted I'm Canadian so we never learned the states, but they still should have learned the states in grade 2.

If that was aimed at me, my original point was that it would be *more* understandable if they'd thought that. Fair play I've no idea when American children are taught states (if ever), but there is a difference between being acceptable and being more acceptable.