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Today, I got a call from an angry parent telling me that I'm teaching her son and the other children in the class "wrong philosophies". This was all because I explained to the class that Michigan is divided into two parts. FML
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Parents behave worse than their children far too often these days.

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Some people tend to apply a deeper, often dumber meaning to many things. And that's why many things are the way they are today.


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Some people tend to apply a deeper, often dumber meaning to many things. And that's why many things are the way they are today.

Well, I am from Michigan. I know that there is a lot of often bad stigma between the two peninsulas. The UP (Upper Peninsula) is thought of as hillbillies (However, we are Yoopers). The Lower Peninsula (Downstate) is more urbanized. Downstate will refer to Michigan as a whole more often than a Yooper will. The UP has significantly less people per square mile, more deer, and wildlife. The UP is differenciated because we dont like to be combined with the cement kingdom of violence and hate. However the people from downstate dont like to be differenciated because we arent very nice to the trolls that live under the bridge and commonly refer to the UP as God's Country and we dont tend to befriend Trolls or Fibs. If OP is from Michigan, the statement may be more offensive to the culture that Op realized (especially Downstate.)

Parents behave worse than their children far too often these days.

TheCaramelKing 11

And the kids act pretty bad.

It because parents now a days are 16 yr olds.

graceinsheepwear 33

Holds up hand. "This is Michigan..." (Inside Michigan reference.)

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Next she'll be thinking that the Great Lakes are a government plot because of their location around Michigan

No, that's Maine! :P

You can use both your hands for Michigan! One up right ant the other tilted above it. Easy to explain where you're headed to!

if you hold your hands up, right palm away from you, left palm towards you, you will have downstate Mi and Wisconsin.

You can't fix stupid OP.

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...but you sure can excise it. :)

JMichael 25

Not even with duct tape??

Yes you can. Unfortunately, shooting people in the face is illegal in some states (Michigan included)..

...Aaaand that's why you teach and they don't. (assuming)

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The kids weren't arguing about the "philosophies;" the derpbag mother was.

graceinsheepwear 33

10, I think 7 meant the parents. She says assuming they aren't teachers and obviously that wouldn't refer to the kids.

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It's probably a good thing they aren't teaching. "Okay class, today we will discuss the secret Illuminati nation of Michigan."

Infamous_Tora 12

At least the kid didn't think it was Photoshopped..

Whatever you do don't tell them Pluto isn't planet anymore you might lose your job

Pluto will always be a planet to me.

skyttlz 32

I'll always consider Pluto a planet.

tehdarkness 21

Ahh, and People strike again with their stupidity!

BradTheBrony 19

I think it's time to strike the people. Not with intelligence or stupidity or anything, a 2x4 will work just fine.

Michael_92 20

You should also tell the kids that it has bipolar weather. I just looked outside and there is snow on the ground! Its a love hate relationship with this state.

The_Shrimp52 19

Bipolar weather, the bane of a Michigander's existence. I'm a little surprised at how long it's been since we last had all four seasons in a day.

I live near Traverse City, got about 5" last night and it's completely gone again in 6 hours.

Definitely bipolar. It was 30 today where I live and snowing. It only lasted for 15 minutes before going back up into the 60s and being sunny!

Michigan is divided into 2 parts?

graceinsheepwear 33

An upper and a lower peninsula.

Never heard it, but I'm from Cali and we have NoCal and SoCal so not surprising I guess.

graceinsheepwear 33

45, Michigan has a physical, geographical divide; California only a cultural one. (I lived many years in SoCal and traveled to MI often.)

Frostie13 11

I kinda thought that was common knowledge, even in south Texas where I live

Yes upper and lower punincula