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Today, my best friend called me a moron for disputing her belief that Canada is in South America. FML
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Everyone knows Canada is in Europe ! Vive le Quebec libre !

Well, at least now you don't have to worry about finding the perfect gift for her next birthday. A nice atlas will do nicely I should think.


Everyone knows Canada is in Europe ! Vive le Quebec libre !

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Vive le Québec libre. If they let the rest of Canada vote in the next referendum I bet we can get the separatist vote to 51%, even if the last 5% is just Albertans trying to vote them out.

Dude in the 1995 referendum canadiens from all provinces went to Montreal to try and convince Quebeckers to stay in Canada. But even if you win the aboriginals want to stay in Confederation, and you'd lose almost all of your land.

They should just get a giant land saw and cut Québec off from the rest of the country at it's borders. Manhattan Island style.

#1- Europe is a country in Africa, you moron!

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I just love the name this guy chose

I want to upvote your comment but the last part makes me worried.... I'm from Canada too and the controversial dispute about Quebec is still around...

You deserve to lose "your land" which like in the us was stolen from the natives

Yep and take New York with it as we put all the prisoners on it so the tax payers don't have to pay for their medical and food and college

Sorry to hijack #1 but OP -- was she saying Latin America, not South America? There are various definitions of Latin America and (though not commonly applied) the linguistic one may include Quebec. check wikipedia...

#84 but I thought Africa was a town in the Middle Ages.

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Is Austria a country or a condiment?

#120- Nope, Africa wasn't invented yet.

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We can't get rid of Quebec! Because then we would be smaller than the US, and who wants that?

You..... didn't -catch on to the stupidity remarks, waaaah

Damn. I'm an Aussie and I know where Canada is.

Being an Aussie has nothing to do with it. You, unlike OP's friend, actually have a brain in your head.

Wait you can't know that!? ....damn Coriolis effect

I'm a canadien and I know where Canada is...

#37- Thing is, you're canadian and you spelled canadian wrong...

it's Canadian.. EDIT: Sorry for stating the obvious, didn't know others have corrected her.

37- well you see I live in the US but I'm not quite sure where it is, could it be, by any chance, in the empty spot between your ears?

*sigh* it's people like you 37 that make others feel justified to say Canadians are stupid. I must defend our people by saying not all of us are this stupid, perhaps just you and a few others..

It's "Canadien" in french, one of the two official languages of Canada. You grammar nazis can leave her alone!

Canadian and Canadien are both equivalent. Canadien tends to be the French spelling, but both are correct.

The frenchies say Canadien. Every other province says Canadian. It's a language thing,. I didn't check but I'm sure that person is from Quebec.

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I love Canadians and their Tim Hortons coffee. Let's all be nice to each other.

Tim Hortons is actually mostly owned by American shareholders now I think, after being incorporated to Wendy's in American. You guys are buying all our best stuff! Pretty soon we'll just be left with rocks and trees.

Canadien is a masculin term, used to describe French-Canadian men. The term for French-Canadian women is Canadienne, so 37 is still technically wrong.

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That's our generation for ya!

We've always had stupid people, they're just more vocal now.

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Even the hippies didn't say things like "#yolo #swag" I hate to say it but our society is getting progressively more outrageous.

You're right, they just said 'carpe diem' and 'swagger'. Get over your anti-slang elitism, please. Accept that language is evolving alongside the way we communicate.

#113 The language isn't evolving to these people, it's being reduced to rubble to allow for the idiots to understand it. They're dumbing down the language, not educating the people.

I think #113 meant that we communicate through different mediums now (ie twitter, Facebook, text) more so than we did in the past and some of our slang has "evolved" with that development.

@118 - Then I suppose shortening any phrase to an acronym or making a word have less syllables is creating rubble.

#139 No, but removing apostrophes from signs and place names (yes, they are doing that) so that the more uneducated can understand them is.

And we also live in igloos, are all Eskimos and have totem poles in our front yards. Right...

Well, at least now you don't have to worry about finding the perfect gift for her next birthday. A nice atlas will do nicely I should think.

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I hope she can read the Atlas

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Well now you know what to get her for her next birthday: a globe!

The dumbass would probably use the globe as a soccer ball

It's okay, we all have a special friend...

I have a special friend. His name is Bob. Bob just sits on my bed and stares at me. He never says a word. My family says that Bob doesn't exist, but I know he does.

Okay, Welshite. Time to bend over and take your happy shot.

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But spelling sure hasn't. *Blonde

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83 Both blonde and blond are correct. It comes from French, one is the masculine form, the other is the feminine form.

Except in English we generally only use blonde

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None the less, both spellings are correct.

There seems to be a growing number of stupid ppl who are too proud of it or we just have the means now to notice it better

Show her a map and also your high school diploma please.