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By nootnoot - 10/05/2016 06:33 - New Zealand - Tauranga

Today, some people in my class here in New Zealand found out that I'm from Canada, then spent the rest of the period asking if I had a pet moose and whether or not I lived in an igloo. They were completely genuine questions. FML
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Yeah I feel you. I'm from Texas and people sometimes ask if I drink from wells/ride horses everywhere.

Im from England and somebody seriously asked if everyone was friends with the queen here

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Tell them how you ride your moose into battle to conquer all the igloos in the neighborhood!

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And that you drink maple syrup straight from the trees eh, and play hockey in the ice in wintertime in just your underwear eh, and choose Tim Hortons over Starbucks eh, and then just apologize a few times because, dammit, you're a Canadian. Eh.

Please tell me you looked them dead in the eyes and said yes with a straight face.

Aaah stereotypes... Helping us better understand things we don't

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Just be patient OP. They'll get tired of it eventually. It happened to me when I moved to America from Germany. My classmates asked me if I was a secret Nazi or if I planned on growing a Hitler mustache. Either that or they would throw their right arm up in a Nazi salute and yell "Hail Hydra!"

Don't even have to be from Germany sadly to get that. As long as they know your German it gets asked.

One of my friends is from South Africa and someone asked her if she lived in a hut with a pet tiger. She was being genuine.

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I hope your friend politely informed them that tigers are from Asia not Africa