By ROBERT - 08/08/2013 18:52 - United States - Cresskill

Today, I actually had to explain to two of my friends that neither Alaska nor Nebraska are in Canada. I think I need new friends. FML
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No no no! Alaska is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean next to Hawaii. It's on all the maps. Everyone knows that.

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Poppy8127 15

Yeah 1. They may have the IQ of Homer Simpson, but damn it, at least op has friends

That must have been an odd conversation, but there has to be some thing good if you are already friends with them.

There was once a time when alaska was a part of Canada. As for Nebraska there still cold.

58- You do realize that they're means "they are," right? Every reply to the first comment used there properly.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now I see the error. I now surrender myself to the FML gods for being a smart ass.

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what was your first clue OP

Not trying to be a smartass, but Alaska is located in Canada... It's just apart of the USA

No no no! Alaska is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean next to Hawaii. It's on all the maps. Everyone knows that.

Wtf stick to prescriptions Doc, obviously geography isn't your subject. If you must know Canada is too far in Europe to even come close to Hawaii. Those idiot French people made a big U-turn just to get to their neighbours.

Uh, are you crazy? It's in ASIA, next to MEXICO! Ugh, idiots.

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What's all this talk? Alaska is right near the northern tip of Pangaea guys.

But when I visited, they said I was in the Dominican Republic... I must be confused with Greenland.

If anyone wants to learn about Canada. You should watch Rick Mercer - talking to Americans.

Love that show, I live and was born in Canada and that show is my life! :)

Being from alaska I can definitely confirm that it's off the coast of California.

Americans still think we live in Igloos...leave them their ignorance.

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Way to generalize all Americans.

What's with all of the hate towards Americans lately!?

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By "Americans" you mean all of us. Quit freaking categorizing people, you're no perfect then anyone else here.

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Oh, Canada, always in the mix.

Maybe they're psychic and saw that in the future Alaska and Nebraska are apart of Canada! ;)

we don't need homophobic, bigoted Nebraska and Alaska Republicans in my country thank you.

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I live in Nebraska and take offense to the fact you think we are all homophobic. There are homophobes in every state and you condemning every person in Nebraska, and Alaska for that fact, for supposedly being bigoted makes you just as bad as the people who actually hate gays. I admit, not everyone in Nebraska has open opinions, but I have a gay cousin, and three gay friends and my whole family and all my other friends love those people deeply. While I appreciate that you don't have conservative ideals, stop stereotyping and try to respect everyone, gay, straight, black, Latino, republican, democrat, male, female, homophobic, arachnophobic, thanatophobic, any type of phobic, it doesn't matter. We are all people and deserve to be treated as such. Okay, I'm done with my rant, carry on.

Umm well at least you have friends lol

Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to stop re-writting already existing comments for your own glory.

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maybe she didnt see the first comment.. and just so happened to have that same thought..

Just because it has been stated before, doesn't mean it's copied.

Sad how some people know nothing about geography.

Yeah, I'm from Europe and I know exactly where Nebraska is.

Next you are going to tell me Hawaii isn't in Mexico, I call shenanigans.

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Not ever having seen a shenanigan, do they come when you call them?

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To be fair, Alaska might as well be Canada, it gets forgotten in all things American until someone wants an accent to mock.

Alaska used to be a part of Russia, it doesn't matter where it is, it's still part of America

Yeah our Canadian oil. it's the highest place for suicide. you Americans can keep it... And Justin beiber we don't want him back !!!