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  Blackcatluck  |  19

Wtf stick to prescriptions Doc, obviously geography isn't your subject. If you must know Canada is too far in Europe to even come close to Hawaii. Those idiot French people made a big U-turn just to get to their neighbours.

  Red24601Black  |  6

I live in Nebraska and take offense to the fact you think we are all homophobic. There are homophobes in every state and you condemning every person in Nebraska, and Alaska for that fact, for supposedly being bigoted makes you just as bad as the people who actually hate gays. I admit, not everyone in Nebraska has open opinions, but I have a gay cousin, and three gay friends and my whole family and all my other friends love those people deeply. While I appreciate that you don't have conservative ideals, stop stereotyping and try to respect everyone, gay, straight, black, Latino, republican, democrat, male, female, homophobic, arachnophobic, thanatophobic, any type of phobic, it doesn't matter. We are all people and deserve to be treated as such. Okay, I'm done with my rant, carry on.