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By  sintralin  |  0

It's probably just a coincidence If the dog was adopted, since your father in law probably didn't name it himself...
Unless he purposely picked a dog with your name just so he could express his hatred for you? :P

  birds_fml  |  7

That's what I was thinking. You could rename the dog, but dogs recognize their own names, so it might be better just to let the dog keep its own name so you can call for it and stuff. Don't take it personally OP, the dog probably already came with that name. Men especially don't resort to those subtle insults when they don't like someone, so it's probably just a coincidence. In any case, it's better to just assume the dog came with the name, and he doesn't want to confuse the dog by calling it another name, than to assume that your FIL doesn't like you. And hey, even if he DID name the dog after you, maybe he considers it to be a compliment in his own weird way. Don't assume the worst of people!

  DudeImBetter  |  0

I bet you he named the dog after you not
cause he hates you but cause he likes you. it's like if he named a boat after you it's cause he likes you. think about it why would he want to be reminded of you everyday when he calls his dog if you're a bitch or maybe he does think youre a bitch and he wants to laugh at the joke of naming his dog after you everyday or maybe your name is sparky and it's just a coincidence.

  DocBastard  |  38

Dr. Awesome, don't dog me for saying this, but you need to collar your pun making. It makes me melancholy to my bones whenever I read another pun from you. It makes me wish I were a Boxer so I could punch you in the snout. I wish you could just make one joke that would make me say, Aye, chihuahua!" Unfortunately your bark is worse than your bite.

Go back to the lab.

  DocBastard  |  38

Yourface- GI had no idea I was getting under your skin; it isn't my fault you can't stomach our senses of humor (should that have been a colon?) My energy is just surgeon. Have a heart and let us keep going. Don't be a boob. Or an asshole.