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Today, my dad thought it'd be funny to put an Edward Cullen cutout behind my car as I backed it out the garage to see my reaction. Oh it was funny alright, except I was so scared that when I saw him through the mirror I reacted by stepping on the gas. We now have half a garage door. FML
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Hehe. (: *He* deserved that one.

I approve of your attempt to murder Ed Cullen. If I saw a glittery gay vampire I'd probably try to mow him down with my car too.


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Hehe. (: *He* deserved that one.

jakeidk 0

Was it because you thought you would hit a person? or because you actually thought it was Robert Pattison? If so YDI for liking a complete piece of crap series.

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if your a 14 year old chick who is yet to see a quality movie, read a book, and have an IQ in the double digits

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Obviously she can't be a 14-year-old chick. SHE CAN DRIVE.

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Maybe she was scared cuz he is a vampire.. I mean, when his sparkle meter gets to full bore he stalks and impregnates (with demon babies) every chick in sight.. Btw: I made up a new term: Twisexuality: Basically, a sexual preference for *********** and necrophelia.. Twisexuals: Fat, horny, obsessed pre-teens who want to **** animals or dead people from cartoons..

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vampires don't have reflections

She/he did say that she/he was scared... I don't think she/he likes the series.

something is wrong with this scenario. if you were backing out of the garage, it would have been fully open. I don't see how your cat would have hit the garage door, maybe the sides of the garage?

im going to say ydi for not running him down and trying to save everyone from more horrible movies

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in ohio u can get it like wen ur 14 is wat i ment foo

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wait, if you were backing up to get out of the driveway, shouldn't you have been on reverse, not drive?

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101-that series rules not rocks rules!!!!

exactly what i was thinking...thats trippy :)

Yeah, and if you were backing out of your garage, wouldn't the car have been in reverse? Meaning you would've hit the cutout, not the garage?

*Bullshit some ****** with no literary criteria would read (note that it also implies sex after marriage is good and that the characters all live in the 1st phase of falling in love: "perfection"); Literary garbage; Plotless story; Shit that ruins everything, even (

And yet, it's one of the most popular things in the world. Hm....

*Tinkerbell and mandogwoman fight over a pair of pants

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sparkling gingers are quite scary

We make that our goal. Not the sparkling bit, but being simultaneously ginger and scary.

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Now that is my idea of a prank.


wtf if you were backing out..why did you go forward? make sense next time

#4: just because she stepped on the gas doesn't mean she went forward. When the car is in reverse and she steps on the gas, guess what... it's gonna go backwards. duh. think.

The real question is why was the garage door closed if OP was backing out?

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Read before you reply there's nowhere where it say forward .

The garage door opener was probably in the process of opening when they freaked out .

LOL thank you #8... And that was good OP, at least your dad learned a lesson... FYL

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stupid *****. she backed out of the garage and the cut out was near the door behind her. she got scared and gunned it instead of braking and hit the dood and took off the door. she was in reverse dipshits. I know this because she was "backing out". go to ******* school stupid *****.

Dante15 3

If that was me I would've backed out and hit him for sure. Twilight is stupid.

makes no sense. if you are backing out of the driveway, how did u hit the garage? if u were in the garage, shouldnt the door be open? stupid.

I approve of your attempt to murder Ed Cullen. If I saw a glittery gay vampire I'd probably try to mow him down with my car too.

why didn't you see if before you got in the car?

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Poor garage door; it had to pay the price. Actually, I've hit the gas pedal a few times in a moment of panic. Fortuantely, I react in time to not damage anything