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  jobekka  |  16

the friend is pretty disgusting to agree to something like that, when the girl was so drunk. you're being a dickhead, they were both at fault.

By  sunnyray812  |  42

You sure you want to stay married to her? If she did that while you were together, that's definitely divorce-worthy. If you weren't, she still at one point in time fucked your friend and not only that; she did it anally for $5 in a public restroom. That's skanky behavior at its finest! Would you still want to be with her knowing that happened and it's now stuck in the back of your mind?

  Callyn  |  47

It's judgmental and sex-negative. If the wife wasn't with the husband at the time and had consensual sex, that's no one else's business. Even anal sex, even in a public place. As long as they aren't cheating (and I am defining cheating as sneaking around behind an exclusive partner(s) back), people should be able to have the sex that they want to have.

  sunnyray812  |  42

Doing it for money is prostitution which is illegal in many places. Plus, she did it with one of his friends. Many people don't want a partner that their friend had previously fucked. It causes issues, and it's gross.

  Callyn  |  47

Anyone who can't have a relationship with someone who a friend of theirs has had sex with has issues. Most of the relationships I've had have been with people who have been with my friends and it's no big deal. So what, my buddy has seen her naked, if it's not going on now it doesn't matter. I don't know that I've ever met an adult who couldn't deal with that.

Yes, the prostitution is likely illegal (not familiar with British sex law), but it's a victimless crime. If the OP wasn't in a relationship with his wife at that point then any negative reaction to this is on OP.

  mssileas  |  25

The law is not always morally right, you know.
Making prostitution illegal is actually a perfect example for that - because where I live it's very much legal, sex workers are being registered, they pay taxes, in return they get free health check-ups.

Prostitution will always exist, whether you like it or not. But you can give sex workers the opportunity to exist in a manner that's as safe and independent as possible, or you can open the gates towards illegal prostitution that often goes hand in hand with gross exploitation of sex workers putting them at a much greater risk of STDs or being the victims of all kinds of abuse.

So who exactly is that law protecting? Except for the feelings of some conservatives who think you can just forbid things out of existence of course.

By  Itsbeenalong  |  5

Firstly that was no accident that he told you. Secondly is it an FML because she charged you 10? Or is it because you now know why she keeps 'finding' fivers everytime she's out?

By  TxKitten79  |  10

If you weren't together yet, so what. Almost everyone has had past relationships prior to getting married. If you were together at the time, then a conversation needs to be had.