By Kelly - 12/08/2009 18:09 - United States

Today, I heard a girl telling her friend all about her boyfriend, John. They talked about the grocery store that he works at, and that he drives a nice yellow mustang. My boyfriend's name is John, works at that same grocery store, and drives a nice yellow mustang. FML
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now don't be so harsh. Maybe there is another guy at the grocery store who's name is also John and whom also owns a yellow mustang.... >.> gotta think positive here

Oh yeah *rolls eyes*...I don't think there is a case of mistaken identity here. Btw #12 (twidragon1000) your comment made absolutely no sense. I really think that you need to reread that post and edit some stuff. There are a couple things that may be happening in this situation. #1: This could all be true and you're life really sucks. #2 This girl might be well aware that you are in hearing proximity and just doing it to be a hateful bitch. There may be no standing behind these words. Whichever the case, FYL. I wouldn't want to be in that situation. When I was in middle school this guy who liked me used to deliberatly follow me around in the halls with his friend. He would talk about his girlfriend "Mary" that doesn't exist, but happens to be my name. So people are weird like that. I wouldn't just pretend this didn't happen, find out what the truth is.

thank god he has a discernable name like john..

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You are talking about MY boyfriend!

Why does he drive a mustaine if he works at a grocery store?

Find out her dad's name, where he works, and what car he drives.

I would confront him and say " So I met your OTHER girlfriend today.."

yes because guys' comeback for that has never been "i dont know what you're talking about"... FAIL.

OP: hey, hon. met your OTHER girlfriend today. BF: jenny? OP: no... BF: laura? OP: uh, nope.. BF: ellie? OP: no....! *and so on*

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uhhhh. before you do anything drastic, find out if it is really him

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leashyouup your a horrible troll.. if your going to troll at least say something like ydi for listening to other peoples conversation op: this is where your key meets his nice mustang..

rofl key? i was thinking more of a knife or a metal pole.

Didn't you use to troll M13LO? What happened?

Keying a car is weak, go straight to the source because the car didn't cheat on you, plus if you key the wrong car the owner might try to key your face. Being mad is a waste that energy anyways.


Chainsaw + Metal pole = Bye bye mustang.

Kick his ass but don't mess with his mustang... it's just not right.