By shockedgirl - 16/01/2010 07:17 - United States

Today, I spent the day studying with one of my classmates whom I've just met. While studying, she kept bragging about her boyfriend and decided to show me a picture of him. It was my boyfriend. FML
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rofl yeah you guys should team up and plot something. like pretend to have a threesome with him but only if he agrees to be tied up. then cover him in fish sauce or something.

or worse, just tie him up and beat him...

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Or better yet, pretend to have a threesome with him, and then REALLY have a threesome with him! Think win-win-win!

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I'm wondering whether or not the other girl actually the knew the OP's bf was also hers before this encounter. The OP did say she had only recently met this girl (presumably after he had stated cheating on her) and she was bragging a bit. Maybe this girl knew they had the same bf and had a plan to tell the OP so she would dump the guy and she could have him all to herself. But it's just a thought...

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@Maddoctor yeah thats what i was thinking!!

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That's very logical I like that

I recall the last time a group of women tried this they glued the guys dick to his stomach technically making him a woman as he would never be able to stand to pee again.

Is 'sitting to pee' the only thing that makes someone a woman? what?

Real life anecdote warning. Once I was in a bar and a guy was saying derogatory things about women and saying that they were inferior because they couldn't pee standing up. A beautiful young woman walked up to him, looked him directly in the eye, took an empty pint glass and tucked it up under skirt and handed it to him without breaking eye-contact. The guy was left standing there with a glass full of pee. I'll never forget it.

ouuuuuuh nasty, someone's getting a beating here girl :p time to show boys that they shouldn't mess with your hearts =)

Obviously you should both dump the two timing twat. I hope you pointed out to her that he was also your boyfriend? FYL