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Today, I asked my boyfriend where he went to lunch. He said he went to Wendy's. I teased him and asked if he got tired of eating burgers and Frosty's all the time. His response? "What? No, I mean at Wendy's. You know, the hot girl from work?" FML
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zingline89 18

So he WAS eating out after all. Giggity.


Pinkpoogle 3

Are you new to FML? You're going to be down voted into hell for this... We don't care if you're first. I know, I know, the excitement of being first must have gotten to you. Please, don't do it again. We don't care.

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Whaaaaaat734 6

8- I think that went over your head.

Once again - yep. Long day. I accept defeat

Phoebe_Buffay 14

Your picture goes so well with your comment

tjv3 10

Wow I'm not thinking this is cool. I would be suspicious that he is getting more than food at Wendy's

Wow, he sounds like a dick. I hope he was just joking around about that :/

kxxjoejoexxk 8

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This wasn't a close female friend. This was "the hot girl from work". Big difference.

I'm with 96. OP's boyfriend should have asked if his girlfriend if she didn't mind him going to lunch with a female friend. Instead, he went to Wendy's home and added how hot she was. That's s huge red flag. I'm hoping he didn't cheat but it is hard to not assume that.

You really shouldn't have to ask for your gf's permission for going out on a lunch with a workmate. Doubt he's cheating, otherwise he wouldn't be so open about it... StilI, why even joke about it to your gf? Would leave me feeling insecure too.

110, there is a difference between going out to lunch with someone and going to another females house without your girlfriend knowing, and then mentioning how hot she is just adds insult to injury.

I don't think the hotness or closeness of the female friend is particularly relevant to the matter at hand, if he wanted to cheat he would have kept his mouth shut about it, plus just because one is in a relationship with someone and thinks another person attractive does not mean they are planning to **** that person and at the end of the day it comes down to trust if she trusts him good, if not... well not so good.

Jacksparrow72 21

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Pinkpoogle 3
haileemarie7 6

Either way, going to a woman's house without telling your girlfriend is incredibly sketchy.

wlddog 14

He did 12.... He told her and she wrote an FML about it.

also, calling a girl he spends time with a 'hot chick' wasn't very nice towards OP

Yeah, maybe some kind of "job" was getting done. Probably not the kind you're thinking of though.

wlddog 14

Its not rude to say that some else is hot too.

Well , he was "eating" something in her house.

They were probably just getting down to bussiness.

He's told her enough times that this time she thought to tease him about how often he goes to Wendy's. If this is the first time the GF has mentioned burgers and frosties in response to Wendy's, that's a miscommunication.

I was about to thumb-down this comment, but I saw it had 69 down votes already... Too perfect.

MandyDoll 11

I took care of that #95, number 70

Ayeasha 7

79. Your picture gets me all the time when I'm reading comments.

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That doesn't make it any less true. Besides, if you want to be technical about it then every word in your comment has been previously posted by someone else. Hell, I'm sure someone has posted the exact same comment at one point. Don't be a party pooper or else someone will poop on you.

Oh. My. God. What an ingenious idea!! I've never seem a comment like this.

Instead of burying these commenters, we should just beat them with the shovels, I reckon.

perdix 29

Maybe he's getting tired of eating furburgers. Probably not.

I didn't realize Furburgers were a menu option at Wendy's. And all this time I've been ordering Baconators...

zingline89 18

So he WAS eating out after all. Giggity.

Don't worry. Im sure Wendy is a Thick burger.

Ultimate_No 7

I doubt he'd cheat and then just blatantly say they that he did. Maybe he's just messing with you.

I dunno, maybe he is a bit of a twit? Or lacks a brain-to-mouth filter?