By guard35 - Canada
Today, while teaching swim lessons, a boy was holding a noodle and claimed it was his fishing rod. Trying to be fun, I grabbed on and told him to "reel" me in. He then yells out 'YAY, I caught a whale!'. FML
guard35 tells us more :
omg,everybody needs to calm down. im not fat. and im not looking for sympathy. i just thought it was funny that the kid said that. i dont think that "my life is over", i thought it was hilarious and laughed forever and told pretty much anyone who wanted to listen. i probably have higher self esteem that most of you on this site anyways. go find something better to do with your life than waste it on the computer ranting about stupid things. k thanks bye
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By  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I've tried to submit a few FMLs I thought were funny as well, rather than terrible, but I guess nobody else found it amusing.

But seriously? Don't be such a bitch about it. Correcting people is one thing, but god damn.

  dude_stfu  |  0

how is this fml? Think about if you were fishing.. A fish the twice the size of you isn't gonna be a normal fish. It's gonna be a whale. He was just playing around. What a stupid fml

  marz88  |  0

And this is on here because.....? Don't be so thin skinned and have some confidence. Brush it off and move on with your life. No sympathy and not even a YDI or an FML. Your life certainly is not fucked cause someone said this.


... She might just be fat because of natural causes #73 The OP doesn't say how old she is. She maybe just had a kid and it could be pregnancy weight which is extremely hard to get rid of. She might even be skinny but to the kid's point of veiw she is fat. Or maybe she is quite a bit taller that the kid. There are a number of reasons...


I really doubt the girl is fat. She's obviously going to be bigger than the kid or even the average size fish...the only thing bigger than that to a kid is a fish. He was probably trying to make a joke and it failed.

  MR_OHCRAP  |  0

OMFG I AM SICK OF IT. I am sick of people thinking you have to be skinny to be hot. You can be a tad fat, but not overly. I mean, I would rather go out with a just above average weighted person than some skinny chick.


Why does every fat person think that because they're called out on it, it's an FML?? "Today, I ate an entire cake and farted in front if everybody. Then they laughed! FML" WTF?? If u're fat and happy, good for u, but if u're fat and posting FMLs abt it maybe u should hop off the Internet and on to a treadmill or something. OP u deserve it if u're a fat. If u're not fat then how is this an FML???

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

29, while I see your point, there isn't necessarily proof here, or in your false FML, that the OP is fat. Usually, in "fat" FMLs, it's actually more along the lines of "I didn't think I was that fat (or fat at all)" or some misinterpreted what someone else said into saying they were fat, the latter of which seems to be the case here. Fairly sad, because that just shows how fragile some people's egos are.

I do agree that if they are "fat" and happy, then hooray for them, but if they feel awful about it, they should stop bitching and work on it.

Anyway, OP, it seems to me quite illogical for him to call you something like a guppy, or a regular fish, because you are an adult/teen, and thus automatically you are a big fish, and, to kids, whales are number one big fishes (even though they're not lol).

  genius_man16  |  0

well if they didn't think they were fat then what is the problem?

#29 is right. If you are fat, but are comfortable with your body, then just shrug it off. If you are fat and think that getting called out on it is an FML then you need to get your ass away from a computer and to the gym.

If you are 5'6" and weigh 100 lbs and get called a whale, then you should laugh at the ridiculousness of the comment. Unless you feel like turning anorexic/bulimic. Then it's just a YDI for being so dumb.