By LockandKey / Tuesday 24 February 2009 23:28 / United States
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If the OP was willing to spread the rumour herself knowing it would hurt certain people, then there shouldn't be anything wrong with this...YDI, OP

How did you spread a rumor and not know that the names involved with it were yours, your boyfriends', and you best friends'?

I agree with number three. For some reason, I think this is a fake. Generally, when you spread rumors, you don't say "Yeah, so, did you hear this one guy cheated on his girlfriend with someone else?" when you have no idea who the people are. It kind of defeats the purpose of rumors and spreading gossip, and sounds more like a movie summary.

this is really almost a good reason to spread rumors. it ended up being true, and you probably wouldn't have found out about the cheating otherwise..

Lamest. Rumor. Ever. OMG! Did you hear that there was a guy who cheated on his girlfriend? OMG! They were like, totally still dating!

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