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Today, I have to take a midterm, which is worth a large part of my grade. All our teacher has taught us so far is how to roast s'mores over a Bunsen burner, and how to make gummy bears explode. Our test is on kinetics. FML
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On the bright side : you now know how to make gummy bears explode


How come there are 2 versions of the #1 comment?

She edited her comment, and the FMLs under the top spot take about 30+ minutes to renew who is top, and what changes happened to the comment. Hence the difference between the two comments.

I would assume you're in post secondary education. A large majority of profs don't teach and all profs don't teach you everything you need to know. They don't spoon feed you your education anymore. Maybe after this midterm you will read your textbook throughout the semester for your final.

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Time to bear down and teach yourself

Just bearly study, though. Wouldn't want to extinguish yourself.

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He's probably in college which usually means most of the learning comes from studying.

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^reminded me of the boss from the Cat in the Hat movie:3

16- College or not, if the professor/teacher isn't laying information out to the students to prepare them for midterms, then said teacher will be removed from their job, plain and simple. And just me, but I doubt they're in post secondary using Bunsen burners and making s'mores, lol.

Teachers can't be fires. On the other hand cooking with Bunsen burners is extremely bad. There's all sorts of chemical residues on them many of which are carcinogenic.

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Class time and demonstrations are only half the learning process rest comes from reading your book and studying however maybe the mid term will be over how to make a prefect smore in which case strive for that A+.

What is the perfect marshmallow to chocolate to cookie ratio? Ah, I never could get that one right!

Something tells me there was probably more of a relationship between these demonstrations and kinetics than OP thinks.

On the bright side : you now know how to make gummy bears explode

And frankly, which is gonna help you more, silly kinetics, or awesome explosions?

36- Awesome explosions WITH GUMMY BEARS!!!!

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One of my teachers was exactly like this, except he set off the fire alarm when he blew up the gummy bears.

Sorry buddy, at least you've still got those textbooks from the school system to study from. And (if you can) you might want to talk to other teachers/professors at your school/college and ask if they can help you review. That always helps me whenever I have shitty teachers.

I want to learn how to blow up a gummy bear!

Step one: Gummy bear Step two: C-4 Step three: Detonator Step four: ???? Step five: EXPLOSION!

Try potassium perchlorate! So much fun! (not for the gummy bear though)

Physics. It pertains to motion and its causes. So forces, basically, which usually falls under physics, but also intersects somewhat with chemistry, as things do. So why they are burning s'mores is beyond me. Sounds more like something a mad chemistry teacher does, along with exploding gummy bears

Chemical kinetics is a branch of chemistry.

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#7. It's both. Sometimes, it's part of physical chemistry -- the intersection of physics with chemistry. Let's see. With the s'mores, you have phase changes, denaturating proteins, caramelizing sugar and Maillard reactions. With the gummy bears, it probably involves using the heat to generate CO2 gas in a way that confines the gas until the pressure builds up and it explodes. Those could both be fine experiments if explained in a scientific way.

I could have sworn it was physics. I remember learning Kinetic Energy transfers to Potential Energy throu..I shall spare the science lingo. I suppose *The more you know*

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I seriously doubt that he only taught you that, he obviously taught you how to cook mini hotdogs and hot chocolate. Pfft ungrateful people nowadays.

OP, is there a textbook? If you haven't been reading the textbook then ydi, but fyl if there is no textbook. Best of luck to you! No matter what, I absolutely hate possibly failing a test.

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At least you know how to eat well while you are camping, and with the quality of education you are receiving, I see some involuntary camping in your future.