By James - 12/09/2019 02:02 - United Kingdom - Cirencester

Today, I was having a good time drinking with a few friends. Next thing I know, I'm walking down an unknown street, with just one shoe, no wallet and no phone. FML
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LostSoul 19

OP, if you have to ask yourself if you have a drinking problem,....

wait till the witnesses testify what you did to that poor cat

mccuish 25

When you going drinking with your so called friends again

Sounds like you may have gotten “roofied”. How well do you know these friends?

As long as you didn't wake up with a missing tooth or a face tattoo, it's all good. You might want to check for tigers in your bedroom tho.

All you needed to say was "I was drinking." From that point on, you're in YDI territory.