By not laughing anymore - 11/12/2014 19:55 - Netherlands - Egelshoek

Today, since my finals are starting tomorrow, I made a joke about setting my math books on fire. I laughed. Friends laughed. Parents laughed. Guess what subject just managed to actually get in touch with my scented candles? FML
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I guess Satan laughed too.

eyebrowzzz 21

Your parents won't be laughing when they have to pay that bill $$


I guess Satan laughed too.

PSYqualiac 17

"I saw Satan laughing with delight, the day th music died."

I read that as "Santa"

Both are pretty similar: both wear red, both prefer the naughty ones to the nice ones…

I sometimes accidentally leave my scented candles too close to my textbooks too.

#40 Since when does Santa prefer the naughty ones? I don't remember that bit being a part of my childhood.

eyebrowzzz 21

Your parents won't be laughing when they have to pay that bill $$

Wow, him buying another didn't even cross my mind until I read your comment. Some math textbooks can be even $100-200 or more. :(

Hiimhaileypotter 52

If he's in college, they've already been paid for so at least they won't have pay again! Unless they're rented... Good luck if they are.

now everyone thinks you did it on purpose.

Well your clearly a genius. Ok maybe I overreacted a little but that's basically what the FML is about no need to repeat it :)

Hey, #2, genius, it is *you're*. :)

@22, you insult my intelligence, but 'like I give a shit'

PSYqualiac 17

Number 25, you're bad and you. should feel bad. Number 2 was right. It is "Your". It's not "You are parents..." that would just sound stupid.

it's funny how many people get the "yours," "too," and "there's" wrong.

Hey #25, it's obviously a typo and he was replying to #22. Also, I would refrain from acting like a dick if you can't even keep track of your own punctuation, or understand the context of a reply that is directly underneath the original post the reply containing a typo is referencing. Think you're capable of understanding that, your literary highness?

Number 31, you're the one who should feel bad. Number 25 was referring number 2's first sentence: "well your clearly a genius"

touché' I realise that typo now and I'm eating humble pie. But I suggest you learn to count 25.

That sucks. Sorry to hearx good luck studying. =)

Scented candles smell fear. This was no accident. Strike back, OP. Burn them down to nubs.

Karma took a laugh I guess.

tony1891 22


Funniest story ever

You know what they say...Play with scented candles, textbooks are bound to get burned.

tantanpanda 26

this will be my new saying.

It's okay OP, even though you're not laughing anymore, we are.