By normal - 21/01/2013 20:24 - France - Ambres

Today, it's been two days since my upstairs neighbour's toilet started flooding both our apartments. I have to go to the bathroom with an umbrella. FML
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Might as well put down the umbrella and take a shower while you're at it. :) gross

The song chocolate rain comes to mind here


People don't appreciate the irony of this

Gives a whole new meaning to a shitty day haha fyl

I feel so bad for u

Not exactly.... It's not a pile of poo being dumped on op's head. Just water....

What if its the plumbing and I only happens when he flushes?

You're soulless, mb2_native.

No, work is getting to me. It's really slow and I'm completely bored out of my mind... So don't mind me and my comments today as they probably gunna suck, usually a hit or miss haha

You mean, a whole new meaning to being pissed on all day.

Might as well put down the umbrella and take a shower while you're at it. :) gross

Soap is too far to reach!! At least it would be for me.

And your relevance to the comment is what exactly?

63, her comment was pretty damn relevant. Yours however, was not.

Shower while on the toilet is alright, unless it's golden...!

oooo good one! had a laugh there, thanks :D

Must be hard wiping while holding an umbrella

Forget wiping. Use the falling water.

#17, sounds like a Frank Lloyd Wright Bidet!

An upside down bidet.

#45. I went to Taliesin. It was pretty cool, but I couldn't live there.

Not if he has a umbrella hat

Speak to your land lord about changing where your apartment is? Until they can fix the situation.

Or talk to the landlord about fixing the plumbing...?

Well i wouldnt want to live in an apartment with toilet water constantly pouring on me. Plus the water damage can lead to mold build up and end up being a health hazard. Ect. Hence why i said speak to the land lord about being able to change apartments. moving into one where there is no damage ect.

The song chocolate rain comes to mind here

I thought of it's raining men,. What parts of men I will leave to your imagination.

@22 omg I'm being pelted by feet

I was thing Purple Rain myself...sounds sadder.

Hershey falls....

Why does Willy Wonka's 'churning chocolate waterfall into a beautiful flowing chocolate river' come to mind?

That hilarious and gross at the same time.

Don't get your phone wet!

I recommend you take the plunge and go talk to your neighbour.

Are you crazy? Who talks to their neighbor? OP don't do it. That's just nuts. Eventually the water will just run out. It's only been two days and your computer is still dry. I think you can hold out.

4th rule of FML: Never talk to your neighbors. They are always either assholes, insane, or incredibly annoying.

Believe me. I often go through the same problem at my apartment. Get that landlord on it or call health apartment inspectors.

Bust down their door and go turn off their water. Or tell the landlord. The choice is yours. But FYL, that's disgusting.