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  AndelleRae  |  9

Her brother shaved off one of her eyebrows.

OP: If you're goth, you can always do the whole pencil thin eyeliner eyebrows. (Not being stereotypical or anything, so any naysayers and internet white knights can shove it. :D)

  KO2  |  0

Yeah I didn't get it either til it was just explained. Shave 'em both off and pencil em in! Apparently Rogain and all that stuff really helps eyebrows grow in quickly and nicely.

  Crimsy  |  0

I agree with the people who said go with none and draw them on. My best friend purposely keeps her eyebrows shaved off and draws them on every day. She's really pretty, too! :)

By  mehwhateverr  |  0

this is hilarious and written very well.

i'd shave the other one off and try to pencil them in. man, your brother sucks. i suggest locking your door at night, or putting something in front of the door so your brother cannot get in. also, i hope your parents gave him a well-deserved grounding!