By Anonymous - 01/07/2009 06:37 - United States

Today, I learned that shaving my unibrow while drunk/high was a terrible idea. I also learned that one brow looks better than no brow. FML
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Next time shave ur balls. In ur case no balls is better for the planet.

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Hahaha! First comment! Funnnney.

loveyababe 0

way to be drunk AND high. if you were truly both, you kinda deserved what was coming to you.

Do you reply to first comment to be on top of the comment list? :C

ndanick 4

Yeah, thats what some ppl do

I do it all the time. Also, I don't want to bother taking the time to scroll to the bottom.

hola13 0

u totally deserved it!

if you're seriously THAT lazy of a person, that's pretty sad. and also to the OP, why would you even HAVE a unibrow.. not very attractive..yuck

ElliexMarie 0

um. why the hellll would you do that when you're drunk ? wtf. YDI .

Some people can't help it you know... Some people have HUGE eyebrows and don't do anything about it, because once you start you can never stop unless you want your whole forehead to be a giant harry Sasquatch ass.

What's wrong with being a little high and drunk? Sounds like somebody needs to learn how to have some fun

right on for gettin high as shit, idk about drinking though

FallenNevermorE 0

#75 if you mean why did he purposely grow one then you're an idiot. you can't make yourself not have one if your born with it... or just eventually grow it

oogyboogy 6

second Ha ha mine do to

I don't know, unibrows are kinda funny lookin' :P. #1 & #2 fail.

heythererebeccaa 0

nice job haha

wingedtoad 0

Haha, smooth. Once my friend accidentally shaved off one eyebrow. He shaved off the other for symmetry and to make it look intentional.

CryingHowls 0

yeah i'd prefer the symmetry...

sugarcupcake 0

Before you get drunk, hide all your shavers

awe, that suuucks. ;

And your cell phone, id rather shave myself compleatly bald than reap those consequences

Jay9313 0

don't do it at all

Jay9313 0

don't do it at all

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LOL FYL for someone who knows it was you!