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  twinny_sc  |  13

20 really she deserves it for trying to change the way God made her? That's the dumbest thing to say in this scenario. That would be like saying a girl deserves it for cutting her leg while shaving.


50- Your comment before this one was flat out stupid. What's the difference in getting your eyebrows waxed and getting a hair cut? And you're acting like an attention whore. Nobody gives a shit if you bring God into it or not.

  bubblzz  |  4

i do my eyebrows myself and i'm fine... but then again i'm really good with this kind of stuff;;) waxing , mani- pedi, cutting my own hair and so on...

  Honesty4U  |  0

Wow, I wish I had the disposable income that you do, to always get mine professionally done. We're in a recession, some people don't have the money to pay for the over priced salon waxes.