By Eyebrowsgone - 25/08/2010 13:10 - United States

Today, I decided to wax my own eyebrows with a Do It Yourself kit from the pharmacy. I'm now missing half of my right eyebrow. FML
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You can always say you were going for that retro Vanilla Ice look.

Aw damn....I guess you have to wait for them to grow back or draw the other half back on for now :

ChubbyCake 5

OP your eyebrow ran away from you :[

get 'em done professionally next time. ydi.

IphonFML 6

this is ur chance! make it a new stylee! :)

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I think this FML was already posted. Anybody think the same?

ydi for being cheap and trying to change how god made you

20- I really hope you're not serious. Also, she's "cheap" enough to go out and BUY a waxing kit for herself.

Shave off all your hair and go for that "Cancer Survivor" look

ChubbyCake 5

23- I was just thinking the same.

twinny_sc 13

20 really she deserves it for trying to change the way God made her? That's the dumbest thing to say in this scenario. That would be like saying a girl deserves it for cutting her leg while shaving.

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wax then both off & tell people you're swimming competitively. when they grow back say you stopped because you get sea sick in the pool.

very funny #10... I started laughing after I read the fml cuz the same thing happened to me when I was 3 

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lolololol shave half the other one off..

peoples reactions are funny when god is mentioned

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were u suspecting sympathy by putting on this site?

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shave it off completely and get an eyebrow wig xD

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and hence sharpies were born, try shaving everything and go for the chemo look, and you look less weird

Shave em off then buy the fake mustache kits and get an instant unibrow!

why would you want a unibrow though.. ha

mintcar 9

Einstein 714, your logic is invalid. That's like saying clipping my toe nails qualifies as changing the way " God made me. "

50- Your comment before this one was flat out stupid. What's the difference in getting your eyebrows waxed and getting a hair cut? And you're acting like an attention *****. Nobody gives a shit if you bring God into it or not.

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13 Maybe they don't have the money to do that.. So 13 Deserves It for being an idiot

you should have know something would go wrong once you saw 'do it yourself'

20- so, getting a haircut is changing the way " God made me"?

BelleElle_fml 5

That's why I never try doing my eyebrows myself......

bubblzz 4

i do my eyebrows myself and i'm fine... but then again i'm really good with this kind of stuff;;) waxing , mani- pedi, cutting my own hair and so on...

bubblzz 4

mani- pedi is an abbreviation that is perfectly ok to use ;) i don't know what your problem is:);)

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I think you are amazingly gorgeous.

Quit being a cheap ass, and spend five bucks to have them done professionally you damn bum.

Wow, I wish I had the disposable income that you do, to always get mine professionally done. We're in a recession, some people don't have the money to pay for the over priced salon waxes.

Yeah it's cheap to buy a whole kit for your own use

twinny_sc 13

The do it yourself kits can be expensive too.

The DIY kit I use is $10 for a years supply. if I go to the salon, that's $8 AT LEAST once a month. You do the math!

twinny_sc 13

You do the math. I hate that shit.

45, just because your cheap doesn't mean everyone else is too

I always do my eyebrows at home with a DIY kit. Never had that happen. If you're actually careful then it won't happen.

I did the same thing OP did to myself last week. Not really an FML though, it grew back in 4 days and no one even noticed in the meantime :-/