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Today, I have Hello Kitty band-aids on my nips because I dozed off while tanning and burned them extra crispy. FML
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I hear if you add a little pepper, crispy nips can be a nice party appetizer.


no one cares what you would use although I'm wondering how long you'd have to lay in the sun for your nipples to burn that bad

I hear if you add a little pepper, crispy nips can be a nice party appetizer.

Are they good for all party types and sizes?

mrlopez 13

Sure makes for good and crispy popcorn chicken

Ouch. Ouch several times over. Aftersun and moisturiser should be your new best friend.

Aloe Vera is also really great! It feels really cool and refreshing on the skin.

So are burritos, but I eat those like they're Jesus's dick cheese.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

People who tan don't get out ******* side enough. I know during the winter months we all look like ghosts, and I understand getting a base tan to prevent scorched skin. But tanning just to get looking "bronzed" is ridiculous. Go outside and enjoy the sun, don't lay in an ultraviolet booth for 20 minutes.

But I tan so easily from just being in the sunlight. And I love laying in the sun and "tanning" by enjoying the warmth. : it's bad for your skin only in excess, regardless of being in a Booth or in the sun. The only difference is sunlight gives you vitamins.

26- I live in a place where the sun very rarely ever shows. The only way I can be any shade darker than ghostly white is to use a tanning bed. What exactly am I supposed to do then?

#50, self tan can be bought in bottles.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Your comment 56, for some odd ******* reason made me laugh my ass off. Thank you for that. To 50, why do you need to tan then? To "look good"? That's your own misconception of attractiveness, not your location. Any more questions?

I totally agree. I'm so white the sun reflects off me like a mirror. It comes in handy when I need to blind someone on a sunny day. I don't tan because I prefer to rock the porcelain/non-melanoma look. Wasn't that the look geishas were trying to achieve?

Fun fact: In Asian culture, to look pale is considered more classy and better looking. This is because tanned skin is associated with the working class that spent long hours under the sun in the paddy fields.

I like tanning because I feel good after a tan. I don't do it often, but when I do, I feel extra sexy afterwards. I don't care if other people think I "look good" or not, I do it for myself! :)

Sodapop40 21

Then just don't tan. I think being white and natural is better than having gross, leather skin when you're 50. But that's just my preference. Also, tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer by 75%

clue_me_in 20

Good for you 91! Being "pale" is no more "classy" or better than people who are born with darker skin, or people who want a nice looking tan.

We are all so different and there are so many conceptions of beauty. Why not just be you and wait for the person who's been dreaming about you?

JMichael 25

Are you the same girl who burned her boob with a hot pocket?

Never_Land 10

Sorry to hear that OP, but maybe you should be a little more careful from now on tanning

ydi for getting a tan any way but the old fashioned way. pathetic.

There's no need to pay for a tan here in Texas.

I don't care what anyone says tan lines are sexy! No one needs tanned nips!

Not all tan lines. Nothing attractive about a "farmer's tan". But will agree that some tan lines can be sexy. I once got a tan from wearing a triangle top bikini and later that night wore a long pearl necklace that looped around. My BF went crazy and swimsuit tan lines are now "his thing".

killinpoptarts 9

I disagree with the statement about farmers tans but to each their own I guess. But also it's not cool to look like a ghost on one part of your body and look like you got left in the desert for a year on the rest of your body. I think moderation is key on tanlines