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Today, I woke up to my balls covered in Icy Hot, a big old "fuck you" note from my girlfriend, and my door slamming shut. I'm starting to get the distinct impression I shouldn't have made that off-hand remark last night about her PMSing, after she rage-quit a game of Mario Kart. FML
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At least she didn't shoot a blue shell of doom at you.

iOceanus 18

Especially when playing Mario Kart. Mario Kart is a serious matter!!


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iOceanus 18

Especially when playing Mario Kart. Mario Kart is a serious matter!!

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Inheritance 10

It's always those damn orange and flying blue shells that **** you over as you almost win..

@22: You've never played Mario Kart Wii, have you?

tsent8 15

^^^^^^^ both of you are wrong you aren't playing mariokart if you're not on the n64 period. (Kinda like ops girlfriend)

You'd think the male community of the world would have figured that out by now, #1. I completely agree.

48-yes, but the only time there is reason to bring it up is when you are PMSing, and I'm not gonna be the guy to try and see if my manhood will survive a PMS comment during that time of month. I'd like to think I do this because I have the balls to, and would very much so like to keep it that way.

spekledworf 18

1 I second that. Nothing makes my pms rage more than when my boyfriend acknowledges it's pms

Third it. I am the only one allowed to bring it up. When he does... well, we go to sleep in angry silences.

Yeah, one time when my ex and I were arguing, he asked, "Are you on your period or something?" I replied, "No. Are you?"

jackal181 7

I don't think it's PMS that's the problem, it's Mario kart. One time, I beat my brother at it 5 times in a row and he threw a controller at my head :/

Agreed, #61. Oh, and as a side note, not all females PMS. And those who do don't necessarily have mood swings because PMS can refer to a variety of symptoms. So it's not even close to a valid remark...

One day a guy will say "Are you pmsing?" and she will respond "Yes. Yes I am." and all will be forgiven. Sadly, that day doesn't look like it's happening any time soon.

I'm curious who doesnt wake up when their balls are being played with?

... You know less than 75% of women have PMS and far fewer have any form of sever PMS right? PMS is a legitimate medical condition, not just something everyone has.

126 - Do you have any kind of evidence to support that number or is that just something you heard. I find it really hard to believe that only 1 in 4 women experience PMS symptoms. It sounds like one of those bullshit statistics like "only 25% of women can have orgasms"

It is just like when they ask "do I look good? Be honest". That's when you say "yes you do," wether or not it's true.

46.5% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

46.573873 to be exact.. xD if you use more decimal places it looks more legit lol:p

No, 157, it doesn't. It just makes you seem more convoluted.

It's not spiteful, it's like saying, "you're being so psycho right now that the only explanation must be PMS, otherwise... This is just NORMAL YOU!?!?!? FML"

It's really not that much of a big deal. OP said it was 'off-hand' so chances are it wasn't spitefully meant at all. The only good excuse for being THAT stroppy is pregnancy. Then I'd understand. But period? No way, even at my worst I've never been enough of a bitch to actually hurt someone. FYL OP.

msjoyfull84 0

69% of people will find something dirty about this statistic.

I am guilty of being the 6 in that statistic, saddly, the 9 is a blow up doll...*forever available...ladies*

157- you can't say 46.57 because that would've made 142's number 46.6 cause of rounding up. It'd have to be somewhere between 46.45 and 46.54.

179- Like they were saying earlier, PMS varies with each individual woman. Some don't have any emotional changes. I myself become extremely impatient compared to when I'm not PMSing. My sister's behavior never changes. I have a friend who becomes extremely depressed and cries quite often. It varies from woman to woman

tsent8 15

Mother ******* thread jackers if you want to comment do it now start talking about video games!

203: I understand that and you make a fair point but even the worst PMS doesn't excuse causing pain to another person. She needs to work on her self-restraint.

I completely agree. The fact that you can act abnormally during your period does not excuse you from being rude and spiteful or harmful to those around you. It is just plain wrong. Returning to using myself as an example, I may be impatient but I actually go out of my way to be nice to people when it's my time. As in overly nice and friendly twice as often. Each woman should understand themselves well enough to know how they are during their period and counteract what ever that is, and not allowing yourself to be seduced into the mentality of "Well I do have an excuse I can use....." That is just plain ignorant.

Yet they can make stereotypical remarks about us? Sure it's not cool that he made that remark, but it's not REALLY that bad, and she was going WAY the **** over the top.

Oh wow I couldn't agree more! Unfortunately people have dubbed acknowledging PMS has spiteful, rude and otherwise inconsiderate when in reality, for me PERSONALLY, I ask so that I know how to conduct myself thereafter; not being critical, being understanding, etc. What's wrong with that? It's called open communication and mutual respect.

JJJJJakkkkeee 6

Yeah, that probably was not the best thing to say...

VeeDoll13 8

There's a button for everything!

I'm afraid to comment because of the number of thumbs down on this thread. Ah well, it's too late for me...

jdyo3 5

Menstrual jokes aren't funny. Period

kittenvks 11

127- I agree. We wouldn't want anyone ovary-acting!

At least she didn't shoot a blue shell of doom at you.

sugarshane007 20

I'd say that the Icy Hot suffices as a real life blue shell.

tsent8 15

Then a red shell and then a blue shell again.

92 - Why the **** would she bite his balls off?

Why the **** would you put icy hot on your boyfriend's balls when he's asleep over a stupid remark?

I agree with #1, it only makes them even more angry

Why do people feel the need to do that?? There's a like button AND a reply button if you really want to show how much you agree :P

littlemsweirdo 12

Well I believe although it is a stupid idea that they just want their comment to be read by more people. And hopefully get thumbed up more. Which is pointless and pathetic. I think this commenter should just start replying. I mean I personally LOVE the replies. Especially when its a long pun feed!!

littlemsweirdo 12

Wtf? Age does not matter. People on FML are completely honest to me when I often say the most ignorant and stupid things without thinking. Psh, and Im 13.

JoeGrant 12

150- it clearly wasn't meant for you. We can see by simply clicking on to your profile that you're 13, but the person who was agreeing with 1 is, in fact, 15.

honeybadgerr 9

Fail?? ... On the contrary I think OP's girlfriend made a serious epic win!!!!

60-Newton's third law of female emotion. for every male action there is a female over reaction.

bettykooler 7

197 - ovary-action! Get it! Eh!... Never mind..

Be glad that was the end of it, as your balls could have suffered a lot worse than Icy Hot.

Icy hot on your balls doesnt sound bad... But it is

Steve95401 49

OP having his balls slathered in Icy Hot is pretty tame, all things considered. After all, his girlfriend could have gone Lorena Bobbitt on him.

cradle6 13

As long as OP can use Icy Hot on her in retaliation if she ever makes an offensive comment. Fair is fair right?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Why would you say that? Never accuse a woman of being on her period. That's insinuating that she's being a bitch.

To be fair, her psychopathic reaction proved it. But yeah, the PMS line is a no-go.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Yeah, she definitely overreacted.

Sinamoi 18

You're just jealous that your balls aren't covered in icy hot.

And is a sexist comment. I'd be mad too!

You gotta be careful where you're aiming those blue shells dude.

Never, never, EVER mention that a girl is on her period or PMSing. If you're wrong, she'll give you the cold shoulder, and if you're right... Well, you're in trouble

titibug823 11

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LiterOfCola 16

How in any way does OP deserve this? The dumb bitch girlfriends reaction proves that she's a psychotic and her PMS is unreasonable. Yea he probably shouldn't have made the comment, but you think he deserves this? Dumb.

ok what op said was rude and uncalled for but immagine if you made a comment because your bf was being a dick and he smeared icy hot on your ****** wouldnt be ok so why sould it be in this case

85 - Speaking of periods, your comment could use some.

LiterOfCola 16

I just think people should think about the difference between "YDI" and "it's your fault." I can only imagine the people thumbing me down... "He said something that's true but he shouldn't have! Burn his testicles and leave!"

Yeah sorry, and I'm on the app so I can't edit it.

Yeah sorry, and I'm on the app so I can't edit it.