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By racoonface - 19/04/2009 15:17 - United States

Today, it was lovely outside so I decided to tan outside. I burn pretty easily, so I put on sunscreen. I fell asleep on my side, so when I woke up, I had a massive burn on only one side of my body, with sunglass lines. Tomorrow, I have a job interview. I'm going to go in looking like a racoon. FML
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rule of thumb: stop tanning. oopma loompa's are not cute. neither is skin cancer.


we don't care stop posting this bull

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janeaudghk, I hate you. I hope you drown in a lake. And that sucks! I'm sure you can explain what happened.

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that sucks... yeah stop ******* posting that. its really pissing me off. like a bunch of kids -.-

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Fall asleep on your other side lol

yeahh ^ hahaha :) sorry though OP, just explain if they ask:)

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should have used a higher spf...

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...this doesn't deserve to be a FML

YDI for wearing sunglasses while sunbathing. Im kinda jealous tbh.. I tan very quickly and I don't get sunburns while I don't even use sunblock, people think im from north africa after spending a day in the sun :( Wish i could stay white and still go outside.