By kaylajere - 26/05/2010 08:17 - United States

Today, I decided to lay out and tan. I fell asleep and got sun burned and bitten numerous times by mosquitoes. If I scratch my itch, the burn hurts terribly. If I don't scratch it, it itches terribly. FML
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Try ice-cubes on the bite. They'll relieve the itch and help take away the burning sensation. Just wrap the ice-cube in something like papertowels first though.

don't scratch...the itch will go away eventually lol


don't scratch...the itch will go away eventually lol

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you should of used sunscreen??

Wow why would you scratch your bug bites? That makes it worse! I'm sure there is cream or something to help ease the pain, use your head for once. Nothing says "Come bite me" like sun burned flesh.

yea, this sucks pretty hard!

OP ask #8 above to give you an oil body-rub

OP is an epic fail.

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hydrocortisone ointment over the counter unless you are allergic

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Lol I fell asleep tanning once the sun is so calming. Really tho op next time get some bug repellent (they have a clip on kind now) and some sun screen. Maybe try taking a cool shower? The water hitting your skin can ease the itching and the cool water will feel good on your burn. I could be wrong, but it's worth a try. Oh but get some ocean potion and put it in the fridge for a bit. It's works great and really feels good:) Good luck!

FUL and YDI I would say.

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I have a ton of mosquito bites.... I have a few that are now scabs from scratching them but I started putting aloe Vera on the bites and it soothes the itch

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OP you should of use protection. lol

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yea that sucks

whitey's,come know shouldn't be tanning...enjoy your milky white privileged skin...otherwise enjoy the years you'll endure ahead with skin cancer! dummies...

put tooth Paste on the bites :) i had à horrible Camping Experience once and it helped

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wow that sucks! you should go get your burns checked out though. fyl OP

you're right nutss, tanning salons and the sun lead to premature aging of the skin and cancer.

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love the new pic 38 :)

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aloe, works for both

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ydi for tanning. free skin cancer

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mee too!! and on like the top of my ears.! :(

put after bite on, and then both the bite and sunburn will burn at the same time! Win win! :)

pop the mosquito bites with a sterilized needle. sterilize the needle by putting it over a flame for abt 30sec. let the poison come more itch

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I'm glad I'm from Texas. Don't have worry about bug bites. Just got to worry about 115 degree heat

119 tht makes no sense i live in tx too and i have a lot of mosquito bites and i dont like bugs and theres a lot here

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The OP is from Texas. :P

OP, try using an icebag wrapped in paper towel. It will keep the burn cool and soothe the itches.

Try ice-cubes on the bite. They'll relieve the itch and help take away the burning sensation. Just wrap the ice-cube in something like papertowels first though.

There is this magical new invention called sun tan lotion, buy some! Or have a nice time having skin cancer :)

Use cream you dumbass. Anti-itch cream, after-sun cream, oh, and sun cream in the first place. If you don't tan easily, you should ALWAYS ce using cream when it's sunny. YDI.

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I'd be more worried about the fact that you look like a monster.. Tan, red bug bites all over you. I'm sure you walked outside and some kid freaked.

I would be scared as hell to see that sight D: Just imagine if they were obese wearing an itty bitty poka dot bikini!! The horror!!!

YDI for not using sunscreen

I live in florida, we get bitten by multiple mosquitos if we fall asleep outside or not. /; try rubbing toothpaste on the bites, it should stop the itching.

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lol im from florida and i don't think toothpaste will work on bug bites...

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I'm from Florida and I've never heard of that??

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to all of you saying use sunscreen if you don't want skin cancer, do some research. sunscreen only gives you a false sense of security letting you think you can stay in the sun longer whilest it really only blocks the good sun rays (vitamin d) and let's the cancerous ones in.

Actually, straight from the Skin Cancer Association: Look at the bottom for myths, including the one about Vitamin D. Sunscreens are essential if you are going to be outside for any amount of time.

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It sounds crazy but just make an X on each mosquito bite with your thumb-nail. Aloe Vera gel for the burn :-) If this doesn't work seek medical attention.

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omgosh! lol I used to do that when I was little. I don't know why but it did help a little. That's funny lol

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that's what you get for tanning, and not knowing how to do it. you deserve this!

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So you disaprove of everyone who tans? I'd rather have some color and lay out in the sun then have pasty pale skin and stay inside all day.