By Wendie / Monday 18 April 2011 16:10 / United States
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  lv8898  |  0

that's not true. a puppy can be taken from it's mom at birth if she's unable to feed it or refuses to. It's very common for puppies to be weaned from mom at 5 weeks. The new owner would just have to make sure it gets it's shots.


How was OP being mean to the puppy? Sure OP coulda moved the puppy, but it's still a baby so OP let it say there. My cat actually did that to me when she was a kitten, only I had coughed.


5 months is really old in terms of puppies. It probably wouldn't be scared of a sneeze at that age. Pretty sure OP meant 5 weeks... it's not really small enough to kill buddy, it's not a goldfish or somethin...

  nerdchic  |  5

they arent that fragile? my puppy is old 6 weeks old.. and she sleeps with me all the time.. got her when she was 2 weeks old.. and shes the love of my life!

  Soleia_Grace  |  15

#80 when the puppy is 2 weeks old its dangerous to take them from their mother because they still rely on her for food and are still learning how to walk and function as a living thing


Today, while brushing my teeth, a fly flew into my mouth. It got caught in my electric toothbrush and was sucked into the circular bristles, getting crushed between the brush and my braces. I now have fly guts and goo stuck between my brackets, and I can't get rid of the taste. FML

By PackardBell - / Monday 28 March 2016 03:09 / United States - Vernon Hills
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