By Wendie - 18/04/2011 16:10 - United States

Today, my 5 week old puppy decided to sleep between my head and the headboard of my bed. I sneezed and my puppy got so scared it caused him to pee on me. FML
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Why is a FIVE week old puppy sleeping in your bed? They're still really fragile at that age.

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Aw :) puppies are great!


aw the poor puppy!

Better to be pissed off with a puppy than with a duck.

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hah !! wow thats groosssss ewwwwuhhh

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This is one reason why I never let my dog sleep with me. Another reason is that he probably couldn't fit on the bed...

that's not true. a puppy can be taken from it's mom at birth if she's unable to feed it or refuses to. It's very common for puppies to be weaned from mom at 5 weeks. The new owner would just have to make sure it gets it's shots.

u have a puppy op stfu!

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still. I'd rather be pissed off than pissed on.

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that dogs thinking fuck lady you scared the piss out of me.

82. good night its over with thats all she wrote! (literaly)

96 you do know thats an actual saying right?

i thought the rest of the fml was going to go around the lines of "I snezed and the puppy got smashed by my head and died." but it didn't. phew.

aww cute puppy.. :)

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LOL ;)

stop being mean to puppies!

How was OP being mean to the puppy? Sure OP coulda moved the puppy, but it's still a baby so OP let it say there. My cat actually did that to me when she was a kitten, only I had coughed.

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OP welcome to the world of fetishism and puppy pee! 43 you're SUCH an idiot. Wow. I suggest looking up the definition of sarcasm when you get a spare moment.

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its called sarsasm idiot

fail you spell it wrong

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Aw :) puppies are great!

It's probably a 5 month old puppy... If it was five weeks OP would probably kill it on accident.

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5 months is really old in terms of puppies. It probably wouldn't be scared of a sneeze at that age. Pretty sure OP meant 5 weeks... it's not really small enough to kill buddy, it's not a goldfish or somethin...

You can't take a puppy home until 6 weeks after it gets it's first shots, so OP probably meant months.

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15 ur dumb puppys can be big at 5 weeks and kill it?? my dog fell off a couch at 2 weeks and is perfectly fine and now weighs 125 lbs

im still scared of sneezes...

50 Op could have had a dog and it could have had puppies and maybe she was sleeping with it.

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It was probably her dogs puppy.

haha that sucks but really funny

Why is a FIVE week old puppy sleeping in your bed? They're still really fragile at that age.

that and because he was sleeping above your head he will be starting to get the idea he is pack leader.

Someone has been watching the dog whisperer. :D

they arent that fragile? my puppy is old 6 weeks old.. and she sleeps with me all the time.. got her when she was 2 weeks old.. and shes the love of my life!

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^^ can I see a pic of ur puppy?

#80 when the puppy is 2 weeks old its dangerous to take them from their mother because they still rely on her for food and are still learning how to walk and function as a living thing

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Wow! Good one!

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Gotta love 'em :)

hahaha. Why was your dog sleeping there?