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Today, I have been teaching my 5 year-old step-daughter how to read and write. She came bounding up to me with a piece of paper and said, "look what I did". It was a letter that said "My dad misses my real mommy, not you". FML
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It's about as ironic as a fish jumping onto land; that is, not at all.

ironic? Not sure how... On the other hand you could totaly roflpwn the little kid by explaining how as you're still around, obviously you're not missed. AND if you loved someone enough to have a kid with them (presuming it wasnt a one night stand kind of thing) then you must miss them slightly anyway, so ofc her "real mum" is missed. And yeah you just read this crap i wrote. :D

okay dumbasses, it actually is ironic, it's called situational irony, and it's what happens when what you would expect to happen in a situation doesn't. You would expect the little girl to be grateful to the stepmom for teaching her, but instead is not and is a total jerk anyway. A fish jumping onto land is also situational irony, because that's not an expected occurrence. so stfu.

weird if a little kids knows it and you don't

kids see more than a parent can. I know from my childhood.

or maybe the kid is just projecting and she 'wants' her real mom.

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She's her STEP daughter. Can you read? Obviously she has a different mother.

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communication issues maybe between you and your husband

I suppose it is only natural for him to have some lingering feelings or what not left over from whatever happened prior.

Most separations (whether divorce or breaking up) aren't clean breaks. There's usually some form of lingering feelings for someone. But cheer up; OP, he still married you and is with you. That counts for something, right?

I highly doubt the truth/accuracy of this FML. A kid could easily verbalize this, but writing it after "being taught how to read/write" for just a week seems improbable.

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The kid will get over it. If not, when they're older tell them it wasn't mommy who taught them to read and write. also that good in one week? I'm inpressed.

I'm dubious too. I think the OP is probably voicing paranoia. anyone in a relationship with someone who had a child with someone else will always be tied to that person, regardless of how the new partner feels about it, especially if they are active within the childs life.

I'm dubious too. the OP is probably voicing paranoia. anyone who is in a relationship with someone who had a child from a past relationship has to realise their partner will always be tied to the parent of their child, regardless of how they feel about the situation, especially if they are active within the kids life

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