By Kortnie Peterman - 6/6/2020 17:03

Body positivity

  Today, after 3 months of my boyfriend complaining his weight is making him not want sex, I suggested we go for a walk to help us both start to lose weight. He looked at me and said, "You're too fat to go walking." I'm beginning to think my weight is the problem here, not his. FML
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By  J15237  |  23

That is really ridicules. You should prove him wrong, get yourself looking the way you want to and then leave that looser and go find yourself someone who will appreciate what they have.

By  gingacutie96  |  9

You should start by doing two things. 1. Being healthier and potentially losing weight, for yourself and only yourself and 2. Have a heart to heart with your bf about any deeper issues to see if it can be resolved. But if he’s a jerk about it and really can’t love you the way you are now than dump him and keep bettering yourself, whatever that might mean to you