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Today, my mother came over again to help me work on my Student Aid application. She also brought over the savings bonds that she has been accumulating since I was born to help pay for college. Turns out they won't reach maturity until I'm thirty. She never bothered to check out this fact. I'm screwed for college. FML
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You're not screwed. Just take out loans if you have to, and then when the bonds mature use them to pay off the loans. I mean, were those bonds REALLY enough to pay for your entire education? Depending on where you go, that could cost $40k or more.

shanameow 7

Well... Maybe you could use those in the future to help pay off student loans? Or a community college is a great way to get your general ed. out of the way, and save money!


I read this and think I'm going to tell him the army pays for colege. and then I see you said it

Take out student loans like the majority of the world and quit ******* bitching about it

I have a friend whos 28 and hes finally going to collage

captainkrispy 2

no OP doesn't need to join the army. OP needs to be homeless for a while, then out of nowhere get an amazing radio host voice. After you do that you will be on many different shows, then you get famous, then you become rich.

1st. I actually have nothing to say about this though.

don't go to college, live dangerously as a truck driver. it's not a horrible occupation, traveling the country in a big truck!

Of all the groups and occupations to go viral.

dude being a truck driver suck that's like the shittiest job you can have

Truck drivers make money. My dad is one and he has money buried everywhere as well as in the banks. I just need to look more carefully. <.< >.>

TheDrifter 23

What's with everyone picking on my fellow truck drivers? It's not our fault the rest of the world has forgotten how to have fun.

sylphy 0

ugh bonds ******* suck. I have about a million of them and none of them have reached maturity even though they're all 7 year bonds from over 10 years ago.

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Stop buying bonds in unsuccessful companies?

bonds in the us are from the government, not companies thesnubbed of years js when you can get face value back but not when they reach full maturity.

Uhh... while it's true the US issues bonds, companies *also* issue bonds, even in the US.

shanameow 7

Well... Maybe you could use those in the future to help pay off student loans? Or a community college is a great way to get your general ed. out of the way, and save money!

you can actually vash saving bonds prematurely, they just won't the full face value. if you really need the money and can't wait that's one way to go...

sylphy 0

Even still, they qon't be worth nearly as much. Ones at half age almost never have half value, either. it's how they get ya.

lkd8165 0

actually, depending on how old they are, and what the interest rates have been since the date of issuance, they very well could be worth more than face value. just because they don't mature for 30 years doesn't mean it takes 30 years to reach face value. I once held a $50 bond for about 5 years before I cashed it was purchased for $25 and redeemed for about $47. if I had held onto it for one more year it would have been face value, and nowhere near maturity. btw, I work at a bank, so what I'm saying is not purely anecdotal.

Maturity by definition is actually the point when a bond reaches face value; not when it stops earning interest. To the op: you're whining because the free money that you have for college isn't worth as much as you thought? Poor child, let's hope you survive the night.

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seriously. I get so sick of spoiled kids who whine and act like life is so hard when they realize not every little thing will work out their way. OP should finish the financial aid application, and then either get a job or take out a loan. I go to a university that is mostly a commuter school, so just about everyone I know is paying for their own education. we're all fine! sure, it can be stressfull but we don't all complain and act like we have it so rough. just grow up and act like an adult by taking responsibility and find a different way to pay for school. you are not screwed, you're actually insanely lucky you have some bonds to look forward too. most people have to work on paying off loans for years.

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iPhone doesn't seem to capitalize, which I assume 20 is using. it's quite strange and not their fault.

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#22, have you ever heard of a complete sentence and not using capitalization when it's not needed?

for real! I don't have any bonds. i am getting through school just fine with financial aid and...*gasp* working and earning money! there are Also student loans available. OP needs to stop being a whining bitch and realize they can make it through.