By mybfpeedonme


Today, a bug crawled inside my ear. In a panic, I called my boyfriend to come over and help me. His mother told him to put pee in my ear to kill the bug so it would just fall out. I ended up in the hospital because the pee made the bug want to claw its way out through my eardrum. FML
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By  Danne696  |  14

This is the reason you should consult professionals straight away. There is another old folk remedy that says that you can cure rheumatism with rattlesnake venom which is equally bad for you.

By  She's Got Moxie  |  14

Why pee tho? ? And why the f would you listen to someone telling you to put it in your ear.... lmao

By  fearrhyno1  |  18

Uhm, I think you kind of deserve this one.... PEE, inside your ear? That can cause an infection as it is, warm water would have sufficed but I really hope everything turned out great after the docs visit.