By failedfather - 16/12/2013 16:34 - Australia - Ferntree Gully

Today, I had to tell McDonald's that my 11-year-old son thought it would be funny to take a dump in the urinal. I then had to clean it up. FML
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Because you are classy, and probably would have been right next to him doing the same.

Sold! When can I pick the champ up! We have to get started on training immediately!

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If OP hadn't told them I think this fml would have surfaced from one of the poor employee's perspective. I had a job at McDonald's when I was younger. It ******* sucked. It was like a second high school because the managers were little gossiping bitches. If one of them told me to clean that shit up I would have quit on the spot. A 200 dollar bi-weekly check is not worth it, and I'm sure anyone else who's worked there would agree whole heartedly.

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I probably would have got my order and ran out before anyone noticed. I mean I wouldn't clean it up, and as messed up as it sounds, that's why they have their employees... even if their job can be pretty shitty as it is (no pun intended).. But really OP, maybe you should teach your child some manners. If I did something like that ad a kid, my mom would have kicked my ass!

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I would have likely cleaned it up. A job is a job. I would rather clean up shit than live on the street or not eat. Yeah it sucks, but then again I work with kids and have had kids shit, vomit, and pee on me. I have had to clean up explosive shit almost every day for the last two weeks. So a kid ******** in a urinal would not have been too bad. I would not volunteer for it, but no money vs. place to live...

Anyone else thought of South Park while reading this...

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Though you did the right thing by cleaning it up, I sure as **** wouldn't have told them. You are a good person, OP. A helluva lot better than most.

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Woah, I'm sorry number two. I meant for that to be a comment, not a reply. I hate when that happens..

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I'm with number 2. They're never going to learn if they never have to face the consequences.

I fully agree with #2, but more importantly... you didn't have to clean it up OP. There is nothing legal, AFAIK, that they could have done to prevent you from leaving without any sort of consequence. The worst they could do is refuse service, but it sounds like you already got service. : But either way, making him clean it up would have been best, definitely better than just leaving. Kids need to learn. I hope when I have a kid, I'll have the guts and the courage to punish him for his actions appropriately (or her). It's hard but you know that it's what needs to be done.

exactly! little brat needs to learn there are consequence.

I would have left and not looked back!

And punish the poor employees? Make the rotten kid clean up after his disgusting self!

Customer's doing things like this don't exactly help.

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Who do you think is making it dirty? Customers like OP's son.

Really?!? Teach your kid consequences and make him clean it up. All you did now was show him you will fix his screw ups. Patenting fail... And the reason why kids now days are rotten little twerps.

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I totally agree. Want to know why this kid did it? Because the parents coddle them. My son would know better and if it did happen would have to clean it up. YDI

Pretty sure the father doesn't have a patent for the urinal nor the dump.

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"Patenting" fail? Excellent! My Dump-Clean-O-Matic 4000 will be making some handsome profits...

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That's kind of how my dad is and I wish he wasn't. It seems like I don't know how to do anything because he just does everything for me and I wish he didn't because now I don't know how to do anything.

my kid would clean ot, apologize and spend the rest of week grounded

You should have made your son clean it up to teach him that his actions were disrespectful

Why didn't you make your son clean it up? This generation is failing, miserably, because they expect everything to be handed to them and done for them. Good job cleaning his mess for him, you're only going to make him worse.

it's not the young generation. The adults now are allowing their children to do whatever they want with no consequence except, "bad boy! no dont do that." i have seen parents at the office i work at that let their kid scream, run, destroy things, and slam our doors and all the parent does is repeatedly say their name. they stay sitting and just glare at the kid, as if that does something. i have locked the doors to stop them and if give them something of mine that i lend and if they start behaving bad, i take away what i gave them. of course then the parent gets mad saying that im mean to their child, even though i treat every person that walks through our doors with respect, and so many parents love me. i just believe that a child that is purposely defying me should not play with things i spent my own money on.

I agree #60. Working in a restaurant I really want to slap some of these parents now a days. These "new-age parents" as I call them think that its emotionally damaging to punish a kid when he's bad. I dare them to say to a cop "it's emotionally damaging to give me a speeding ticket even though I drove 75 in a 50" & see what happens. Saying a kid's name & giving him the evil stare does NOTHING. Why change what's worked for thousands of years?

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I was in a shopping mall, purchasing a present for my nephew. I got him a lot of things, including a toy rabbit. I go to the food court to eat my meal and this little girl comes up to me. She asks for my cookie. I say no. She asks if she can have one of the toys. I say no. She throws a fit, then her mother yells at me for making her child cry. That is why children act like that, their parents are the problem.

Wtf 106? A random kid did that? And the parent got mad at you? Wtf. Weird...

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I get it a lot. I somehow seem to attract crazy people and their bratty kids.

Come to a mall out here in the good 'ol area of Southern California. You will be amazed by what kids get away with and sadly the parents think it's "cute" and don't punish them because they don't want to damage their kids "creativity." It's pathetic. Luckily with a face like mine I can scare the little bastards into staying away from me while Christmas shopping.

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Junkman, I am from Southern California. Was born in San Bernardino. And it was one of those delightful malls where I have seen so many horrible things.

I'm sorry 106, but when I read your comment, more then one thought crossed my mind.

Haha #137 I saw your location as Tokyo Japan or else I would have said that sounds like a Los Angeles mall! Like Ontario mills or the spectrum.

Don't worry, guys. I'll handle this. *shoots flyingpie in the head with a crossbow* Yep, my work here is done.

Not much. Killing walkers...being know...same old, same old.

But who's now going to clean up that dead body?

OP of course. Apparently he loves cleaning up other people's messes.

Well OP now has experience cleaning shit so..

Are you fire trucking kidding with me brony? >:(

Why you, the father, had to clean it up? The kid should've done it. This way he won't think it's fun to do that on public places.