By Anonymous - 04/11/2010 23:54 - United States

Today, my 5 year old-son and I went out for a walk. As I was looking in a shop's the window display, I turned around to see my son pooping into an open manhole on the street. FML
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hahaha sounds like my sister... she's 14.

giantsfan2010 23

I really hope you punished him for that.


giantsfan2010 23

I really hope you punished him for that.

yeah, seriously! that is just disturbing.


But he really had to go. D: All she has to do is grab his hand and run away from the 'crime' scene.

I usually squat over open man holes when I really have to go. Especially when I'm 5 years old and could quite possibly fall in and die. But y'know, if you gotta go...

rub his nose in it, it's the only way he'll learn.


Rofl, ^^^. My mom did that to my dog.... I cried!

He's lucky a Ninja Turtle didn't jump out and kick his ass!

Hahahaha! That is awesome. Your son is ok in my book.

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that's really should pay more attention to your child!

I dunno, I think that the parent wasn't doing much wrong by not expecting their kid to take a shit in a manhole while their head was turned...

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the kid is five, the parent should expect their son to do stupid stuff and they should pay more attention. a 5 year old could have easily fallen down and died.

@ #35 I laughed so hard I sprayed spittle all over the monitor. Basically, what I'm saying is curse you and your funniness!

Where'd he learn that? You're the one raising him. Monkey see, monkey do.

I think it bad enough you let your son onto a street while your looking through windows. best parent ever (Y)

No, the best parents are the ones who think they can critique other parent's behavior over the internet.

My parents don't do anything like that, and I probably would. Parent sometimes don't have anything to do with it.

x_pgmg 3

lmfao how random xD Guess he really had to go, watch your kid more closely and always ask if he has to go!

this brings the question "did he fall in" to a whole new level.

how do you not notice your son taking a shit, like seriously come on now

What? you turn your head for a split moment, his drawers are dropped and his face goes red. Seems beyond possible to me.

Hmmm,...yeah this is normal. You mean everyone doesn't randomly shit in the street? I foresee years of therapy in that kids future.

you should take better care of him.. god knows what else could of happened whilst you weren't looking..

bamagrl410 31

Seriously. OP needs to learn to keep an eye on the kid rather than the store window. He couldn't walked into the street and gotten hot by a car or been snatched up from the sidewalk by someone. Not necessarily very likely, but probably just as likely as the fact that he took a dump in a manhole hahaha.

how bout holding his hand so he doesn't run away or SHIT INTO A MANHOLE!!

Yes sir! I second that THANK YOU! you're damn LUCKY your kid didn't FALL into the manhole! DUMBASS!

that kids got skills. I'm not a very good public hoverer.