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Today, I had to take a mandatory drug test with the doctor present. Nervous, I couldn't get myself to pee in the cup right away. When I finally did, I couldn't stop myself from overfilling the cup and getting pee all over myself. FML
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  nygunns1  |  0

I had sorta the same problem. haha I had to take a drug test for my parents, I was mad nervous knowing I'll fail and I stood there for like 5 minutes cause I was to scared to pee. once it started it didn't stop...

  zakkyzebra  |  11

85, who the fuck are you to tell people what kind of pictures they can or cannot take when you don't have a picture of yourself? You don't need muscles to take a picture with your shirt off. Imagine if that's the rule EVERYONE went by. I would find pictures of topless girls revolting, then.


85 please shut up .. its not about him taking a picture with his shirt off .. thats not the point of FML .. please go away .. people can do watever they want .. obviously hes just comfertable with his body ..

  enonymous  |  8

I had problems like this once. went in for a drug test and accidentally took a shit in the cup. Although they found no drugs try recommended more fiber.

  cookie_3008  |  4

Are you serious?? Of course it is a man!! There is no way a doctor would come into the stall with a girl.. *eye roll*. Even if the doctor was a woman, she would know how awkward it would be. It's just simple logic.

  Sprocket  |  5

What logic? My logic says that a doctor would follow a patient in the case of a drug test. male or female. Y'know, so they can't switch their pee with a sample they brought from pre-drug times.

  MrBobby_fml  |  7

Cept he woulda got drug tested whether he was doing drugs or not.... that's what a test is for... to find out.
Anyways, yar, can people not STOP themselves peeing mid-stream? I get a bit of dribble, so stop just before you need! I don't find my uncontrollable penis rules me... when he wants to pee, he PEES! No matter what I'm doing! No....