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Today, I had to get an ultrasound, which required me to drink 3 glasses of water beforehand. The doctor said I had too much and told me to go pee out just a little and come back. It took a lot of effort to hold the rest in. The first thing she did when I got back was press on my abdomen. I peed myself. FML
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incase you didn't know, it's really hard to hold it when your pregnant...hence the whole ULTRASOUND part.

lol of that happened to me I would blame it on the bitch who pressed it.


dang. fyl for being pregnant, what with hot flashes and wierd cravings.

"T first thing she did..." Did your spelling skills go in the toilet with your piss?

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I have a very strong bladder, and I still can't imagine holding some, but not all of it in

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it says the after that. just a typo settle down

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ydi for not having bladder control

13, try getting your bladder pressed when holding in piss. See how much 'control' you've got then.

Awwww. That blows. But, you were obviously in a medical facility where all sorts of bodily fluid stuff goes on, so don't feel too bad about it. Doubt you are the first to do that. That's just one factor. Add to that being told to drink water, told to let SOME out, then pressure being put on your abdomen, it's really not your fault.

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don't let the doctor touch ur weewee, or else u will have to peepee

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I didn't mean to post here..

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oh shut up this isn't a grammer site it's a site for laughs okay so **** off

#38, last time I checked, I had the freedom to do whatever the **** I want. So, if I want to complain on the internet, I'll complain on the ******* internet. Retard, who the **** do you think you are?!

Attention Admins. Cleanup on comment 40. Cleanup on comment 40

Doctor: "Okay I'm just going to grab here." OP: "Wait grab where? Doctor: "Gere." OP: "Oh crap" Doctor: "Did you just piss yourself?" OP: " No, you ..umm .. you pissed your pants."

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the first born unicorn is always the best :D MAXIMUM AWESOMENESS!!! m/

What is even the point of that, #40 or whatever? How is that fun, funny, etc.? What a pathetic fail.

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LMFAO that made me laugh XD

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um shes pregnant dumbass..... its kind of hard to do that with a baby kicking you in the bladder, and i could imagine even harder when someone presses on your abdomen.

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so...did u get the ultrasound? :D

nice job being really rude and ignorant 113. it doesn't say she's pregnant- ultrasounds are used for imaging in many different circumstances.

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i sence To Catch A Predator visiting you soon

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exact same happened to me :s

This happened to me while I was pregnant sort of, the ultrasound people told me to drink enough water that i'd have to go pee, so I did, I didn't drink an excessive amount for a normal ultrasound like i had received before, BUT then i ended up with someone who was training on ultrasound equipment, my daughter wasnt cooperating so to find her they had to push really hard...i peed everywhere.

women just have no contorl lyk thats hard


Alright everyone who is saying she pregant could be wrong. They could be looking for something in the digestive tract or something else. It's still hard to hold in 3 cups of water anyway.

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Guys have bigger bladders than girls do. Just an fyi.

Almost every comment on this thread is thumbed-down.

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pingpongpickle 8

Shane west is so hotttt (:

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since when did she say she was pregnant :P I had to have one for kidneys :L x

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they do it for kidneys too?!

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They do them for all sorts of things.

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So you gave the doctor a shower?

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84 your ah-mazingly pretty (:

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XFD #6 Oh and that sucks OP.

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130: stfu. op, get over it you peed your pants big woop.

Haha you don't have to be pregnant to get an ultrasound, but yes cravings and raging emotions and what not can get pretty hetic.

lol of that happened to me I would blame it on the bitch who pressed it.

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OP did pee when she was told to, thats the problem.

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embarrassing* learn to spell

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somebody is wearing a little too much makeup..

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oh and the only make up I'm wearin is eye liner (: mist people wear a shit load of other stuff. I'm happy with my appearence.

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is wearing to much makeup a bad thing?? I definitly need it :) I pretty much only wear eyeliner too. sumtimes eyeshadow too

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118, you rock. She's gonna argue that the 'i' is next to the 'o' unlike the 'e' and 'i' in the embarrassing situation. Oh and, zzziiinnngg it was intended.

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137 is pretty so shut up and stop tryin to make people feel bad about their selfs.. she's really not...she looks like a hooker lol

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163: at least she has a picture

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28 u don't need to say that twice we get it. you've had a prego friend that dosent make u sweet or anything and noone cares

incase you didn't know, it's really hard to hold it when your pregnant...hence the whole ULTRASOUND part.

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you don't have to be pregnant to need an ultasound. there are all sorts of other reasons to get one

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There are also a multitude of other reasons to get an ultrasound. The word itself, in no way, indicates OP is pregnant. While your assumption is very likely, it is not absolute.

More likely to have to hold lots of pee in for an ultrasound of the kidneys/bladder.

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I had to get an ultrasound for my heart. I wasn't pregnant, seeing as I have an X and Y chromosome. So don't assume OP is pregnant.

incase you didn't know, it's really hard to hold it when your pregnant...hence the whole ULTRASOUND part.

incase you didn't know, it's really hard to hold it when your pregnant...hence the whole ULTRASOUND part.