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Today, I had an all day volleyball tournament in a town an hour away. My dad left early, not realizing he was my ride home. I'm now stranded in the middle of a rural town with no way home anytime soon. FML
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the team doesn't take a bus to away games?

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This is true. I have 3 maybe 4?posted (anonymously) it's fun to get them posted but never fun having strangers tell you you're a ******* idiot and deserve it! This is probably why so many OP's stay silent.


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He's making some coffee just for you.

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how old are you ?? mayb u should get a car lmao but uhh yeah it happens and your dad isnt very bright then =

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lol she thinks she's gonna get sympathy on here.

just ask another teammate for a ride home. or somewhere where your dad can come and pick you up. duhh

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lolyourlifesucks - "0 confirmed out of 0 posted" Ummm...

@A7X_LoVeee That doesn't mean a whole lot. There are a lot of people who post FMLs outside their main account.

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This is true. I have 3 maybe 4?posted (anonymously) it's fun to get them posted but never fun having strangers tell you you're a ******* idiot and deserve it! This is probably why so many OP's stay silent.

Yo, I confirm that this really is lolyourlifesucks' FML. I've changed the name and given her an awesome, limited edition OP ribbon. Enjoy, and play nice.

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66, you can't be the Op. if says 0 under FMLs published...

u know, I honestly NEVER thought I'd be first haha but it happened somehow!

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130... what did you change my name to? I had to make a new account and couldnt login....

@marmlr339 & datresspasser: Didn't you read my comment? I said she is the OP. @Mahomie123: I guess your profile was bugged. I changed the name on your FML only.

well I didn't see the comment because it wasn't there originally :-P but fair enough

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wow, that sucks. call someone?

but if he/she had a cell phone, they could of just called his/her dad.

Call the police, that's even better. She's technically an orphan now. :(

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um duh just take a ride w/ the creepy coach and get molested at his house. It'll be fun!

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but she can post an FML. get on yahoo and text someone.(;

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yeah, but they're posting this. So that means they have access to Internet, they can use skype or something to call his phone.

And the first thing OP does is go on FML rather than find a way home..of course that makes sense

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what do u expect you put an fml up that looks like your dad is a moron an then you come and defend it???!! your as big a moron as your dad. people who come and gawk and reply on there own fml's your gon see comments you don't like. get over it!

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wow ur dads a moron! and if u say oh it fine then why post an fml? YDI

Aw that sucks. Find a phone? Get a ride with another teammate?

well she could have had in iTouch. I can't make calls.

Well I'm pretty sure if she had a phone this wouldn't be a problem.

9- So she/he just randomly happens to have a computer at her/his volleyball tournament? That totaly makes sense. 18- The ipod touch can still text anywhere there is internet. If you have a microphone on your earbuds (the standard apple ones have them) you can call too.

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yea well they could have a library at the game like if it was at a school

To all the people asking how this was posted: I doubt fmls have to be posted at the exact time they happen.

86- The FML is written in present tense.

125 they all are it starts out like this: Today, blahblahblahblah FML

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Theres no microphone on the itouch earphones... I bought on a few months ago and mine don't and no one else that I know has earphones that came with their iPod with a microphone... Also, this one seems kind of fake.. you have at LEAST 5 others on your team, and a coach.. I doubt that would happen, unless your coach is really careless and doesn't make sure everyone has a ride home.. YDI for not asking for a ride home

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um are you stupid? do you not have friends on your team that can bring you home??

that or shes the stuck up one on there team

I don't think so, I mean she's hugging her teammates on her pic.

^^ yeah.. I see no hugging.. they're just next to each other. YDI op for not being responsible

I was thinking the same thing, I don't believe this I mean what she didn't notice her dad was gone until after her entire team left. yeah right, I'm sure someone,anyone on her team would have helped

For real. Don't they have cellphones? Even if they were ten minutes out of town, they probably would have come back for you.

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seriously don't you all read the comments before posting??? the OP just posted that her teammates left, she called her father but he was already far away so she had to wait for him to come back!!!

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An hour away? Could be much worse. Just gotta borrow a hotel's phone, ring your dad and get him back out there. ;)

i dont like her either, like clearly they have a phone if their on fml dumbass

sounds like a good idea for a horror movie. nobody steal my idea!!!

xxcheezy7xx: I'm the dumb ass? It's 'They're' not their. Learn how to properly use grammar before insulting me again. And I'm not dumb if she wrote this FML after getting back home. And then wrote it as if it was happening. You never know. I may be completely wrong.

I live in a rural town and I can assure you that there are no hotels -.-

that sucks get a ride home with one of ur teammates retard

Her teammates had already left. The OP commented in the 1st comment thread! And btw, how would you like it jf someone called YOU a retard?!?? I know when I hear that word thrown around like nothing, I pray to God that my little cousin whos only 3 NEVER gets called that cause she is mentally challenged. Even joking around. What if the op really DID have a disability?!?! What if your mom did and people just threw the word retard around in front of her!? Just sayin' its not considered just a word anymore. Why dont you comfort my other 6 year old cousin who was in tears cause an idiot called him it.

Op's comment number is 66 this guys is 15. I hate that word to but I doubt he meant it in the way you've interpreted it.

That sucks! Dont you have a cell phone? You must, you posted this!