By urinanalysis - Canada
Today, I went to get blood and urine tests done before work. As I was attempting to aim into the cup, I lost balance and slipped. I ended up peeing on my sleeves and my pants. I was late for work and I smelled like pee. FML
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By  gambol  |  10

Step one: Roll up your sleeves.
Step two: Pull down your pants.
Step three (optional): TEST TRICKLE
Step four: Put cup in appropriate place.
Step five: Pee.

I don't know what the hell kind of gymnastics you were pulling, OP.

By  ugh_a_lug  |  7

wait, were you at home? then you shouldve changed clothes and put a ton of perfume on. if you were at home then you dont deserved it, but to me it sounds like you were so YDI

  hennessey  |  0

She clearly was not at home. She said "I went to get blood and urine tests done today" Which means she went out to do it. You can't stay at home and get a blood and urine test done. That is very obvious.

By  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Reasons it would be cool to be a guy:
1. You can pee in a cup/you can aim well
2. Easy to orgasm

Reasons it would not be cool to be a guy:
1. Extremely vulnerable genitals
2. Everyone thinks you're a rapist
3. People call you gay/whipped if you dare to show affection/do something nice
4. Bitches are bitches to you, and for some reason people follow those bitches' bitchiness and do the same
5. People more likely to call you gross/creepy

  The_Pleb  |  0

Ok here goes my turn

Guys - Positives

More intelligent
More physically strong
Better eyesight
Easy orgasms
No periods/pregnancy
Easily pleased
Earn more money in a lifetime
Less bitchyness
Dont have to spend 2 hours before going into public
Have no emotions
Dont have to shave legs
Getting called a whore is a positive
Can be mean and nice
Doesnt have to clean, cook or organise money after marriage
Look better with age (to a certain point)


Having to spend time or pay most girls to have sex
Vulnerable area down below
Cant multi task (apparently)
Cant enjoy pink without being gay
Have to fight
Socially retarded
Catches sexually transmitted diseases more frequently
Being called pervert/creepy

Women - positives

Can cook/clean with less trouble
Can bribe guys easy
Can earn easy money by simply taking there top off
Live longer


Getting called a slut for sleeping with more then 1 guy
Mentally weak
Takes ages to orgasm (some women never orgasm)
takes ages to to be seen in public
have to shave everywhere
Most of the positives dissapear with age

Uhhhhhmmmm think thats the lot

Thankyou very much

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Actually, women are more mentally strong than men, we're just more likely (in recent times) to express ourselves than men are.
I'll disagree with men having less bitchiness, especially since your post nullifies the point.
I don't spend two hours before going into public, and I must point out that many men spend much time to prepare themselves for public to. Working out, cologne, hair gel, shaving, etc...
Technically speaking, females don't have to shave either, just a stupid social norm... but at least we don't have the social norm of cutting off skin on our genitals lol

You quite lost that I was actually quite defensive towards males, but you can go ahead and play your butthurt troll part. I could have made my post a mile long and done what you have, but I was trying to stay to point.

But while you're at it, what's the positives/negatives of white vs everyone else, eh?

  JamesGray  |  0

I'm not going to go into some big long diatribe about men vs women because I don't really feel that either sex is particularly "superior" to the other... But I will say, that you claiming you were "defensive" about males is pretty hardcore bullshit, and claiming that women are "more mentally strong" than men whatever the fuck that means is feeding into the same garbage the guy you're arguing with is. So basically, the sexes are different, and sure men have more upper body strength than women on average and women are more 'in touch' and free with their emotions on average... but really do you think arguing with some chauvinistic douchebag on the same level as him really proves your point any better than just leaving it alone?

Basically, you started it with your list and some dick took it too far.. but you lost the moral high-ground when you fed into the bullshit even more, and honestly - your post pissed me off more because you claimed that high ground after you'd already gone off the waterfall in a barrel. Why don't we all just forget the bullshit preconceived notions about what makes one sex "superior" to the other when our species entirely relies on both to survive.


  DameGreyWulf  |  0

What? I was saying basically how you said; "and sure men have more upper body strength than women on average and women are more 'in touch' and free with their emotions on average..." How was what I said any different?
I wasn't saying or even meaning to imply women were SUPERIOR. I never did. I said I could have made a long list talking about our differences too, but didn't. If I wanted to be a douchey sexist, I'd say we're smarter while conveniently disregarding that men have the broader test scores and that intelligence is subjective.
How wasn't I being defensive? I think I made a couple points quite clear about men being unfairly treated. Perhaps I should have added "Everyone thinks you're a meathead/supposed to be a robot" so you'd disregard the mentally strong thing? Or have I misunderstood your point?

  The_Pleb  |  0

Im only jokin greywolf and i wasnt biased with my positives and negatives i just tryed to think of as many as possible

Buut anyway, go make me a sammich? thanks

  JamesGray  |  0

Yeah.. You kinda missed my point. What I meant by the upper body strength and emotional shtick is that we can all point out some differences about the sexes which are actually accurate in most cases, because we are different - that's the way nature/god/evolution/whatever made us. But what I was saying about your being defensive being bullshit was because you did point out some shitty points that men deal with.. But then you referred to women having to shave as being bullshit because it's just following a societal norm - which is exactly what 4 out of 5 of your points were.

More than anything though, I'm just saying there's no reason to feed the trolls about shit like the list Plebs posted; which was obvious troll-bait. Why can't we all just get along and let the trolls starve?

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

But I was implying my points were bullshit, too, and then said "but at least we don't have the social norm of cutting off skin on our genitals lol" ... It's all bullshit, was the point.

But you're right. Trolls should not be fed. I just like to talk shit, at times.

By  Lonely_Lez  |  0

If you are indeed female, how did you manage to fail at this? Also, what balance was necessary? You SIT DOWN! Unless you're one of those ridiculous people who refuses to sit on public toilet seats (yes, I called all of you ridiculous, and I will stand by that statement) in which case you deserved it. But yeah, I really don't understand how you managed this...