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Today, I was beating the hell out of one of the most useless employees ever. I mean really laying into him, all while telling him for the umpteenth time how to do his job right. Then my husband informed me I was hitting him in my sleep. FML
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Sounds like you're stressed. You should try some thing to chill a little :)


Eff your employees life. Glad it was just a dream. Hah!

How is this a **** the employees life? He's lucky to still have a job, it seems.

I was being ironic. Eff his life in the dream lol!

He/she is probably from somewhere like England, where saying "I was being ironic" commonly means "I was being sarcastic."

I don't see how that is sarcasm either, just a generic statement.

Be sure to check if you're asleep next time. Wouldn't want to get seud.

Sounds like you're stressed. You should try some thing to chill a little :)

And now YOU'RE the one on the couch.

well lets hope it went better in your dream if you do it later on irl.

Were you fired or did you go to jail in your dream?

Grauncho 27

Jesus. Your employees are terrible even in your dreams.

dreams can sometimes tell us what is bothering us when we are awake. perhaps a vacation is in order.

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I doubt it. She may feel like hitting them in real life but OP knows they can't do that. In dreams however, you can get away with anything you want.

You've obviously never had a supremely stupid coworker.

16, that's not necessarily true. I got arrested in my dream once...

kittykat1501 31

Lol wow. I got chased by a dead murderer in a dream once