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Today, I applied for a passport. I was told the first set of photos I took were unusable because my face, particularly my chin, didn't fit inside the designated area for your face in the picture. My chin did fit in the frame, my double chin however, did not. FML
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that has nothing to do with intamacy retard

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on mine it showed up under intimacy

1) lose weight 2) take a ****** step back or take your own GD passport photo. it's allowed.

I'm not really sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for you....

You should have shrunk down a picture of a catcher's mitt and sent it in, fatty.

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win! your coments always make me laugh plexico! why were you downvoted?!

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LOL. Where's ireplywithlyrics/plexico when you need them?

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Plexico did comment on this just so you know. Look at comment number 5.

Here i am! "...His fingerprints are everywhere I just slowed down to stop and stare Opened my eyes and man I swear I saw God today ..." You wanna know why she saw God today? Because of the near death experience through a heart attack after last time she ate McDicks