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Today, I did my old "toe-touch" cheerleading move to try to impress my 5-year-old daughter. When I landed, I broke my toe. FML
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This is why we cant have nice things..

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mygreenhoodie 0

This is why we cant have nice things..

By "we" and "nice things", do you mean "men" and "cheerleaders" =0?

Age tends to do bad things to your body, unfortunately. Nice things like flexibility weaken. Don't know where you're coming from, 20.

OP you don't even have to try to impress her at such a young age. She looks up to you and is already impressed. It gets harder when she gets older though.

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Hope Herbert the from family guy wasn't there to see you do that

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Herbert is attracted to little boys. Any Family Guy fan would know that. An clearly OP is a girl.

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Could've been worse, you could have tripped and landed on a wild hungry crocodile

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I love cheerleading around crocodiles.

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Who doesn't try and impress there kids? I've twice put myself in hospital trying to impress my kids. Once trying to do a back flip on a jumping castle and once on a super slide.

I mean you're actually proud that you injured yourself trying to impress your kids.

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I try to impress kids every day at work, I work at a daycare, I've made a fool out of myself rapping with a little kid, because he loves it, even though i have no business trying to rap, in the end it doesn't matter to me how I look, just if the kid is smiling.

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Chill. 14 is simply offering her experience as proof that people do things to try to impress their kids. You may wonder whether it's normal or not but there's no need to invalidate her experience. For the record, but my wife and myself have done the same.

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I don't think you ever have to work 'impress' a young child and certainly not hurt yourself doing it. Children are usually impressed by the every day things you can do that they can't.

An idiot who tattoos "PUNK" on their lip shouldn't have children either...

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There's a difference between entertaining kids and striving to impress them. You dont have to show off to a 5year old. 50-exactly.

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Is that a sky high shirt in your profile pic?

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23 most people are using the iPhone app. I want a pm on the iPhone oh so bad

Still, people can see someone they want to pm while using the app, then go to a computer (possibly at this one place called a library) and send a pm that way.

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Or they can go on the full website using Safari if you have an iPhone. That's what I do.

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So what some people like to be modest young ladies not all women have to be ***** (about writer #12)

Now you get to show her how brave you are by going to the doctor

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Better than breaking your hip.

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