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Today, while I was getting ready to take a shower, I placed my phone on the counter next to the toilet. While I was washing my hair, someone called me. My phone was on vibrate, so I didn't hear it until it vibrated off the counter and into the toilet. FML
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Just another reason to keep your phone out of the bathroom - full of water hazards.

Probably a good idea to keep the lid on the toilet seat down.


Just another reason to keep your phone out of the bathroom - full of water hazards.

Look on the bright side at least you did nit take a shit and forget

...or you COULD bring electronics in the shower and be smart with them. Yes, obviously the risk of water-related accidents are greatly increased, but prevention is easily possible. And besides the fact that it's disgusting, why would you leave the toilet seat up, especially with your phone right next to it?

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YDI for leaving the seat up. WTF were you thinking?

48, I don't know anyone who puts the seat down when their done...but maybe that's just me.

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30- The seat, or the cover? The seat wouldn't have prevented the phone from falling inside, and as someone else said, I don't know anyone who puts the cover down every time they go to the bathroom. Also, I would advise against bringing electronics in the bathroom while taking a shower altogether, since the steam and mist can still damage them. This is especially true if you do it often. Either way, I don't see the point of your phone sitting on the counter while you're showering. You can't use it anyway so just leave it outside.

yeah I don't put the seat down either afterwards- on a different note if you put your water logged phone in a bowl full of uncooked rice the rice will absorb the water, your phone will be as good as new. except for the whole poopy water having floated around in your phone thing

87-Well, then the cover. And steam? I never have actual visible steam in the shower/bathroom, though I'm sure humidity would not help an electronic device. On a side note, one should ALWAYS put down the toilet seat cover before flushing. If one does not, all of the bacteria within the waste and toilet flies up into the air when the toilet is flushed because of the water sloshing around. That is one reason toilets come with a cover.

You should take the phone out and make some...(puts on sunglasses)... Dirty calls. Eh, no? Ok then, I'll just go back into my corner.

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Or maybe it's another good reason to keep the toilet lid down.

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108 - Steam can be used to refer to the mist, so I suppose I should have said steam/mist instead of "and", but that's irrelevant as I'm sure people understand what I was saying. As for the germs from flushing the toilet - they are hardly the highest concentration of germs you come across on a daily basis. I haven't heard of someone getting sick from flush germs, as long as they keep their bathroom clean enough, as they should be doing on a regular basis anyway. It does sound disgusting, but keep in mind that every time you smell a fart or the bathroom after somebody has used it, you are still technically inhaling fecal particles into your lungs. Still, the chances of it affecting you in some way are slim. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable is fine, but it's not as big of a deal as you make it sound.

this is why you close the toilet lid, no one ever seems to do it from my observations

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Ya lol. Closing the toilet lid is just simple manners.

Sounds like you'll be talking shit on the phone from this anger.

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157, I'm not saying you'll get sick from inhaling it. I was trying to illustrate how some things considered disgusting aren't actually as harmful as they sound. The same study that showed germs being spread with every flush also showed that the kitchen, computer, and phone are way more contaminated with bacteria. As I said, as long as you regularly clean your bathroom, you shouldn't encounter any health problems from that. Also, the toothbrush comparison may work in theory, but again, it's worlds away from being the same as stuffing your mouth with solid shit.

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180- I am aware of that, and my point still stands. Most cases of something like E. Coli result from contaminated food, and the FDA even lists cattle as the main source of the sickness in humans. You are much more likely to catch something from germs on your phone than from escaped flush particles. The fact is that it's very uncommon if you have a normal immune system, and I also haven't seen or heard of it happening to people who keep their place and themselves clean. You said that type of bacteria are contracted the oral route, so unless you eat in the bathroom or don't wash your hands, you'll be okay. The only thing left is the toothbrush, and how many people a year get E. Coli from their toothbrush? I just think this whole issue is a bit overblown, that's all.

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All I learned from this argument is matter what we all encounter germs, nobody cares, and it's time to shut the hell up and enjoy fml :D....just kidding after that argument I got an overwhelming urge to watch dirty jobs :)))

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We always put the seat cover down. Even my 4 yr old does. And we keep our toothbrushes in the cabinet. Its just the way I like things done. True it may not prevent the spread of germs but it makes me feel better knowing that having the cover down kind of helps keep things from getting too covered in germs. At least in my mind it does :) to each their own. We also go through ALOT of Lysol and bleach. Potty training a little boy has taught me how bad a males aim really is, and that sometimes there's no helping which direction the pee goes :/

That almost happened to me OP, ever since then I keep it outside of my bathroom.

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That happened to my mom once! The phone fell out of her pocket went down the toilet...haha

84... That happened to me... Sorry op! Go put it in rice!!!!!

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Haha yes because flushing it down into the toilet to a place that makes it practically impossible to retrieve is the rational solution;)

I feel like the steam from the shower would cause water damage to the phone

So the 4000 that voted YDI have never brought their callphones to the bathroom? How could OP deserve it

Ooooh me too, me too! *passes to the left*

under an ounce is legal here in massachusetts :)))))

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GoW_Chick 14

Well aren't you a buzz kill :(

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Please, 115, don't perpetuate the stereotype! I'm not a stoner but the ones I know don't deserve to be judged the way they are. You were probably joking, but still. ;)

119 I'm sorry that's my bad, but yes I was only joking with her. She clearly shouldn't be judging people on grammar.

I can't chill with stoners because I have dreams to go to Annapolis Naval Academy. I heard they sometimes perform spinal taps. I don't want to risk it.

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109- I'm going to buzz-kill your buzz-kill. His grammar, actually, didn't have an error. If he would have capitalized his first letter of his sentence, then his statement would have been completely legit.

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125 - There have been studies that show that as IQ increases, so does the potential for drug use (not abuse, use). On a side note, even Stephen King is an admitted pot smoker, and look at how successful he's been.

You said their grammar was crap? You sound retarded.

i don't think people that smoke weed should be judged so harshly like a lot of people do before knowing the person. lazy people are going to be lazy whether they're high or not.

stoners are some of the smartest people I know a guy gets high every day pretty much who got a 32 on the ACT

ShroomsOnAcid 16

160 - Too bad most people don't realize that. Even if there are more lazy people who enjoy weed (I don't have statistics on the matter), correlation does not imply causation. It seems perfectly plausible that lazy people are drawn to pot BECAUSE it appeals to their lazy nature.

158-Yes, a play on the original comment. I realize a broad thing like grammar could not correctly be 'a piece of crap', but instead it would be 'crappy'.

so true 172. so, so true. but, society in general is VERY ignorant and close minded

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I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading these comments about crap, grammar and stoners.

201 it took you 5 minutes? You must read at a 4th grade level.

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165- Study high, take the test high, get high scores ;)

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These comments are completely irrelevant to the Original FML post.

You guys are ******* retarded if you think weed is good in any possible way

You are retarded little girl, don't read it if you don't like it. Mmkay. Green FTW!

Probably a good idea to keep the lid on the toilet seat down.

If I were OP, that person's call would've had to be pretty friggin important for them not to be killed...

Women always complain about men leaving the seat up. Geez

I don' think the seat had nothing to do with it. Its the lid that would have saved it.

Rice really works. My son dropped his in a huge puddle of tractor ruts while 4wheeling. It was in there for at least an hour and a half. after many patient walk throughs in bare feet(so we could feel it) we found it. Put it in rice for a couple of days and it was fine. We love rice.

And it tastes good. Pretty much can't go wrong!

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^ A blonde that thinks!! What will the world throw at us next...

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^ an asshole who stereotypes!! Well that was predictable...

^ A dumb **** that lacks the knowledge to see sarcasm.

^ an asshole who retaliates at the nearest commenter when his comment gets thumbed down.

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68- 32 did absolutely nothing to you to deserve you shit talking about her. Your in the wrong bro.

Feels like something is missing here... Hmmm?

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Comments were deleted, but the point made was that I was defending 32 because an asshole was shit talking her, simply because she is blonde. Which was completely inappropriate being that 32 was minding her own business.

How funny, I just heard about this today, cool to know it works. And blonde ftw!

that's why i always put mine in my top drawer

That sucks OP. but here were your choices. A.) turn vibrate off B.) keep it away from the toilet. Good luck OP.

Or, ya know, shut the toilet... But whatever

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or not bring it in the bathroom period its not like u can use it during ur shower so why bother.

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My brother in law actually will answer when he's in the shower lol

102- put your phone in a ziplock bag and you can still text

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Ahhh! People seriously can't be away from their phone for 10 to 60 minutes while they shower?

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60 minutes? That's quite a shower.

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Try being 8 months pregnant nd having to share a bathroom with a guy who does take 60-70 minute showers!!

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If you still live with your parents and they pay for your phone you could try to get an upgraded phone?

And why can't OP do this on their own? Why exactly can this only happen if OP's parents are paying? Honestly, it's OP's phone, if he/she broke it and wants a new one, it should be his/her responsibility.

godisnowhere41 5

I was trying out the paradigm of optimism for a moment, don't worry I'm over it.

Way to be an over reactive bitch ohmandapants.

Sorry but you definitely deserved that OP...