By varsity soccer player - United States
Today, I had my first day of soccer tryouts. We began with a two mile run. Trying to be honest for once, I didn't lie about my time. Everyone else did. I thus got the worst score, and had to run it again. FML
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  airforce987  |  20

Now you are twice as fit as your competition = better chance of making the cut.

But honestly, what tryout doesn't monitor the results of something like that? Coaches should know kids tend to lie.

  je_suis_fml  |  11

You'll prove them wrong once you come out on top, and everyone else is still lying and breathing hard at the finish line wayyyyyy after you finish! Good luck, OP!

  bankrupt  |  15

Thank you No. 24 for saying what I was thinking.

What kind of dumb ass coaches don't know kids lie and monitor the results themselves?

OP's team is NOT headed for the state championships with that dolt in charge.

  wintamint101  |  7

the coaches at my school don't moniter the times either, after you finish the miles you say your time to the coaches, it's all based on honesty. but you did the right thing because if the coaches figure out that everyone lied they'll be punished and you won't!

  Laurenlou  |  24

25- It says TWO miles. And a lot of people who run for soccer/Crosscountry run more than 5 miles everyday.

I can't believe the coaches don't time the run themselves! That's a bit crazy not to. Anyway, OP you did the right thing. ;)

  Laurenlou  |  24

25- I don't see why your comment is thumbed down. 2 plus 2 equals 4 people! ;D
Also, people who run for soccer or Crosscountry usually run more than five miles a day.

I'm surprised the coaches don't just time the run themselves. Anyway, OP you're better than those losers for telling the truth! :)

  lexi365  |  20

I'm pretty sure soccer is a spring sport so I don't see how you have tryouts already. My school is only having soccer conditioning but anyways 4 miles isn't a lot considering my conditioning runs are 10 miles (no bragging intended, it sucks). But atleast you are honest and the running you have done will be shown on the pitch so the other girls will get caught. :)

  kelsey_katie  |  17

At my school, the fall sports are:
Girls&boys soccer, volleyball, football, and cross country. Then in winter we have basketball, and in spring, we have spring series volleyball, and track and field.

  DesB  |  7

Lmao that's why you should always cut your time by 15-30 secs shorter then your original time yes honesty is the best policy but come on unless you've been running all summer smudging the truth for the first 2 or 3 runs is alot better then having to run it all over again an by the 3rd run you shouldn't have to cut it down... An the coaches can't time the whole team while they run at least not at my school they couldn't cause we ran in clumps...


#154, I never said that, I was saying that the guys who lied about how fast they were will be fucked cause they've presumably taken shortcuts to fitness
and the whole "football in the UK, soccer in the US" was me having a little fun. its ridiculous how worked up some people get over a different word for the same thing

  leadman1989  |  15

They all ran the same distance, they just lied about the time it took them to complete it. How's OP gonna be in better shape doing the exact same work out or if he doesn't make the cut for being "to slow"... cause everyone else is lying?


OP said that it was the first day of tryouts, so I'm assuming they have to do different things on different days to make the team. He didn't lie about his time running the 2 miles and the other people did, but when the time comes where there is a game or more practicing, the coach will see that OP is a faster runner and is in better shape than most of his teammates (because you can run faster when you are in better shape) and coach will realize things. Get it now?

  IndiRae  |  9

Shit. You lucky bastard. We had a three mile during school workout, a four mile warmup after school in practice and then sprints whenever someone wouldn't shoot on frame or if I didn't block more than three balls.


That sounds terrible Indi. Did you even have time to enjoy the sport after all that? The worst we ever had to do was two-a-days where we had conditioning in the morning and scrimmages in the evening for two weeks before school started.