By Fluffy - 11/01/2012 12:51 - United States

Today, I had to run a timed mile. I'm terrible at running. During the run, I thought I was doing a good job. That is, until the teacher told me to stop because I was three laps behind everyone else. FML
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hey buddy, you're putting in the effort. more than some kids can say! a lot give up

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Ouch, OP. I feel your pain, I've got asthma so I can't run long distances very easily. But come on, three laps? Were you crawling the whole time or was it just a super long run? Ps: nice username OP


hey buddy, you're putting in the effort. more than some kids can say! a lot give up

i just realized it was just 1 mile....3 laps behind in one mile? those are some fast classmates you have...

Exactly what I was thinking, I'm confused as to how large of a distance these laps are.. Standard running tracks in the U.S. is 4 laps/mile aren't they?

yeah standard is 4. so many kids are on crack and adderall though, it's like they're in fast forward mode

It's called being athletic and in shape. You don't have to be on adderol to run fast.

I think that the track at my old high school was much smaller, and was more like 6-8 laps to make the mile. In my opinion though, I hate running miles on a circular track, taking the turns really drains much more energy than if you were just running straight. Also being a sprinter and not a long distance runner really doesn't help either!

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I suppose it's possible. Op's name alludes to him/her not being in shape, but this has happened to me too. I wasn't "fluffy", but I did suffer from major insomnia, so I literally zombied my way through 1 lap before almost passing out and calling it quits. I would imagine if someone is very overweight and has trouble running/ walking, coupled with sleepiness would be enough to slow him/her down to 3 laps behind everyone else.

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I remember when I could run 1 mile in 10 it would probably take me 10 mins to run a lap.. :/ do you not realize youre three laps down? were you running with your eyes closed? theres no way you could be doing good at all if people were passing you.

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I run a mile on our schools track (4laps=mile) in 6 minutes

Or OP is incredibly fat. Either way he's giving it his all. Go OP!

My friends had to run the timed mile today, and apparently a random chick flashed them.

I hated running so much I walked once out of the teachers sight in high school and middle! I even played injured once so wouldn't have to finish. I wasn't fat, just super lazy.

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Just remember OP, no matter how slow you go you're lapping everybody on the couch.

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3 laps behind? Typically there are only 4 laps, at least from by high school track experience, being a 1600 runner...

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I think it's funny how we encourage such unhealthiness in our society..... It's a sad day in America when we don't value our own body's. P.S.- you can be unhealthy and skinny, just because your fat or heavy doesn't make you unhealthy, but it can attribute to many health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer (because of rapid cell production), and much much more

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135- I totally agree. This friend of mine is totally unhealthy and drinks up to two litters of soda a day. She's so skinny..but in reality she's unhealthy. I'm not so skinny but I do eat healthy and workout daily. But, people assume that skinny people are healthy.

some people just aren't ment to run

Three laps behind? Wow but you should've at least kept going until the time was up even if the teacher stopped you.

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This is what happens to me in Mario kart :(

you gotta break out them turtle shells and shrooms and shit. kinda hard to win otherwise...

There are usually only 3 laps in mario kart. You would have to go backwards for that to happen xD

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60 Break out the shrooms good advice

Aww I'm sorry. As long as you think you did well at least you showed improvement!

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Ouch, OP. I feel your pain, I've got asthma so I can't run long distances very easily. But come on, three laps? Were you crawling the whole time or was it just a super long run? Ps: nice username OP

It was a mile.. That means he did one while the others ran 4. YDI for being a fat lazy shit

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At my school, inside, one mile is fourteen laps. Depending on how small the track OP is running on it could be more than four laps.

#88, don't you just love it when you insult someone you don't know who can't defend themselves over the internet and can possibly be younger than you, you threadjacking piece of shit.

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91- That must be a tiny oval of a track. Ours is 4 laps. And don't feel bad OP. You're lapping everyone sitting on the couch;)

You didn't notice them all passing you? oh well, just keep trying, you'll get better.

Keep running, finish that mile! How small of a lap are you running if you've been passed that many times? ..or were you just crawling, be honest.

If you read the above comments/replies you would know that I already knew that, thank you for the math lesson, was never my strong subject.

Any body else think of the movie run fat boy when they read this??

he might not be fat....i'm five eleven 150 lbs. and i can't run for shit :P

The name on the FML is "fluffy" as in Gabriel Iglesias I'm not fat, I'm fluffy. Well that dude is fat as ****. So the OP is prob fat. Lose some weight fatty.

That's kind of a douch thing to do if you call the OP "fatty" while persuading him/her to lose weight. Bitch...

I hope that insulting people you don't know anonymously over the internet makes you feel better about yourself, because it really takes some kind of hard work in order to achieve being that insecure.

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You know, calling someone fat isn't going to make them lose weight. Or even if it does, it might cause other unwanted problems. Besides, unless someone's morbidly obese, there's nothing wrong with being chuncky. And before you imply that I'm overweight, I'm 5'8 at 130 lbs.

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I'm 5'10 ann 130lbs ann can barely walk up the stair case without panting, much less run a mile, so assuming the op is a fat person is pretty much rude unless your trying to say I'm fat as well

Remz. That is sad I'm 5'6" and I can run like a 5:30 mile and I'm not that fast

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93- congrats your height has nothing to do with how fast you can run. and a 5:30 mile isn't fast anyway

How did you think you were doing well when the same people passed you three times?

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I assumed that op meant well relative to previous attempts. Though it sounds like he's never been lapped by everyone 3 times before, so I'm not entirely sure

I feel bad for you OP, but three laps? Really? I'm happy you tried and you did your best, but... really? Three laps?

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Everyone in the comments sounds like a disappointed parent.

A mile isn't even that far! How could OP be so far behind?