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Today, I had to rush to school to avoid being late. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a bra on beforehand, and as soon as I got to gym class, the first thing my teacher said was: "Okay folks, let's get outside, we're running the mile." FML
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If your boobs are small enough that you can FORGET to put a bra on, you probably don't need one for running.

... I have never in my life ever forgotten to wear a bra.


... I have never in my life ever forgotten to wear a bra.

I have! don't ever forget....... it's awful.

I have too!! like 3 years ago in math I was sitting there with my arms crossed and something didn't feel right I totally felt my boob. and yep NO BRA! haha, luckily I was done gym for the rest of the year!

maz_irken 6

Don't feel bad. In seventh grade once, I forgot to wear a SHIRT! I started to unzipped my jacket and my friend was like WOAW WOAW STOP! It was so embarrassing xD

If your boobs are small enough that you can FORGET to put a bra on, you probably don't need one for running.

I'm twelve and don't forget something as important as that.

alliewillie 22

It has nothing to do with size. I forgot once and I'm a C cup. Don't ASSume.

kissmyass23 6

@152, that's a big size. Not small, so it doesn't really apply to you.

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Oh that sucks! Its so awful. Good thing my mom always put my clothes on my bed so I don't forget wearing anything. That's because I am only 11.

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Are you serious? Kindly click the red X at the top of your browser.

dude your mom still picks out your clothes at 11?? douche...

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ur pathetic not only should u not be on here the fact urMOM STiLL PICKS OUT UR CLOTHES AT 11???? my mom picked out my clothes....WHEN I WAS 5

im 12 and I've been picking my clothes since I was like 5

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ok im 13 ive been picking my clothes since i was like 3... if ppl @ my school found tht out... ud have a broken nose... loserrrrr

because your going to forget your pants right?

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cuz ur mommy doesnt want u to forget ur training bra

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It doesnt really matter... unless your really fat. :)

Surprise surprise the profile says they're a mister

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Ouch. And I mean that literally. I'm guessing all the other idiots saying it's no big deal are guys. It sucks to run even if you ARE wearing a bra, if it's not a sports bra; plus, the bouncing is... severely embarrassing.

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No no no no no no that is NOT hot! It is painful!

that sucks, well if it was a co-ed, well it depends on your age, but you sleep with out a bra?

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Sleeping with a bra on makes your boobs smaller..

why would you sleep with a bra on? it's not good for you and really f*cking uncomfortable? your asleep why do you need to have a bra on? dumb sh*t

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Sleeping with a bra on doesn't make your boobs smaller and it's not bad for you. It doesn't matter if the OP does or doesn't sleep with her bra on anyway. OP could have taken a quick morning shower and then forgot to put her bra on, so she may or may not sleep with it on.

and a higher risk of breast cancer cause your boobs can't breathe

maz_irken 6

Sleeping with a bra on can actually keep your boobs perkier. They are supported all night while you sleep, so they don't hang down and the skin doesn't have to stretch.

I sometimes wear a bra to sleep if my breasts are sore because it keeps them out of the way and the padding is like a cushion

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Ooh, that is horrible. I think I'd die. Haha. #15 - I never sleep in a bra. Haha. I always end up needing to adjust's never pleasant. :]

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#6 said exactly what I was going to.

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oh man.....gym related breast pain is NOT fun. I feel your pain!