By shibs / Saturday 19 December 2015 14:30 / Australia - Hurstville
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  gobiteme2  |  34

OP cheer up and get revenge. Most seagulls will come back to same spot to see if they can get some more. Ever seen a seagull with a mouth full of Tabasco sauce in their mouth.

By  TAntobella  |  14

Think in perspective. The cow your hamburger was made of: "Today after a miserable life spent in a factory farm, a human has stolen my calf from me, then cut my throat. FML"
We all steal from others, don't we..

By  FrankHotpants  |  30

I definitely feel you on that one, I've had the same thing happen to me. Those shipyard seagulls are savages. I've seen them take a guy's breakfast burrito and come back to throw the aluminum foil at him.

By  Tarlachia  |  33

Next time, take something to catch/shoot down a seagull, strip the feathers off, and cook the seagull. Slap it between a pair of burger buns and eat it in front of those seagulls.

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