By whoopsiedoodle - 21/05/2009 12:45 - Canada

Today, we went out to dinner to a family restaurant, and I was wearing a skirt since it's so warm out. My 4 year old scooted under the table to sit next to his brother. When he popped up on the other side, he exclaimed, "Mommy! You forgot to put on your underwears!" People were staring. FML
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well...why weren't you wearing underwear?

Maybe you should wear underwear- you're a mom!!


well...why weren't you wearing underwear?

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op that was totaly smooth

As people stared, she looked to her husband for comfort only to catch his big grin/wink combo....

Maybe you should wear underwear- you're a mom!!

That changes things?

f YOUR life?? f HIS life- hes the one who had to see you without your underwear!

That's disgusting, not having any underwear with a young child present like that. = Surely you, as a mother, should know what's appropriate and what's not. You're not going on a hot date, you're going to a family dinner. Jesus.

Scarred for life! Maybe you should put your child's feelings, above you feeling the cool breeze. ;P

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Well why the hell aren't you wearing any underwears? That's gross! Shame on you! Especially if you're a mom who popped out 2 kids down there, your vagina is probably stanky, huge and not what one will call pleasing to the stop being so nasty, grow up and put on some underwears!

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what were you expecting to happen at dinner for you to not be wearing underwear with your family? awkward...