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Today, my mother is trying to convince me to divorce my husband. He has a tattoo of a skull on his shoulder and she believes this means he kills people. FML
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Sleep with one eye open...all killers get skull tattoos.

It's how we.... I mean.... "they" recognize each other. How else could we organize our murderous tea parties?

It's not his fault, the skull is mandatory if you want to be taken seriously. I didn't want to get my skull tattoo when I first got into homicide, but now I wear it with pride. The fact that he already has his is proof that she's already a target, assuming he's good at what he does.

Tali147 16

Unless he's professional. Professionals never bring their work home.

Latissimus 3

Actually a tear drop tattoo under your eye means you have killed someone... The skull has no homicidal meaning.

thatKidzmOm 10

I get questioned about my heartagram tattoo alllll the time! It's like "are you a devil worshiper?" or "is that satanic?" WHY YES, YES IT IS, you jackass. Some people are just ignorant.

87, not saying this in a nasty way at all but I think people were just going along with the joke :-)

melibear89 7

87- your an idiot. People are going along with a joke.

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25-now we have to remove yours you know the rules it's like fight club no talking bout it. But those are the most kickass teaparties ever

It may not mean he kills people but its pretty badass still

Run! Run quickly and call the police! Tell them your husband's a murderer and the proof is on his shoulder! They'll believe you!

I have a dragon tattoo around my butt hole to show I kill people, but that's just me.

Or it can mean he eats other peoples faces

92, People not being aware of the significance of your tattoo doesn't really mean they're jackasses. They're asking the question, not yelling and screaming that you're a heathen, so who cares? Some people won't have seen it before. Personally, I just think its unoriginal. OP, you need to explain to your mother that these days skull tattoos just mean your husband got really drunk one night and did something stupid. Whether that was get a tattoo or murder someone would be open to interpretation...

thatKidzmOm 10

Hey downtime, quit being an ass. I didn't ask you for your opinion, I simply made a generic statement on the ignorance of people in general. No need for your 2 cents, I have my own. Thanks!!!

What can I say, I'm just a generous charitible individual. I offered my two cents because I knew that the value of yours in comparison was negligible. A thankyou would have been nice but hey, some people just don't like charity and I get that. Just know, theres more where that came from. By the way, not recognising the logo for a band is ignorance by definition, but not all ignorance is bad. Your lack of understanding and common sense however...

_ebbonyy 11

You never know these days.. :)

It's true, 3, you never know.. or maybe I've been watching too much TV.

I thought it was teardrop tattoos that meant people where cold blooded killers...

MerrikBarbarian 9

Yeah tear drops, skulls and other things are a language among gang members. The key is that they are done as prison tats, not as professional ones. The number of prison tats also speaks to others how long/how often they've been incarcerated.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

I thought tear drops were only earned by killing someone in prison. Kinda like the white supremacist lightning bolt.

gabe222 25

Actually there are two different tear drops... One represents your confirmed kill and the other represents the loss of a family(gang) member. Closed tear drop and opened tear drop.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

13- Yes, it is. And a very unattractive one, at that.

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Duck Hunt!!! Bang!!! *temptation got the best of me

23 she isn't unattractive, that one of the better duck faces I have seen.

A "better" duck face? That's like say a "better" frontal lobotomy. There's only so much something can suck before we stop giving them gradations.

3, my parents are ministers and have heaps of tattoos. Religion isn't always the culprit, some people are just quick to make assumptions about a person's character strictly based on appearances.

Duckface, irrelevant comment... People like you are exactly what gives us girls a bad name :/

You people are very rude to us ducks -.-

DUCK FACE!!!! Donald duck and daffy duck are soo gonna fight for you!

flashback.miss 28

Too much lifetime tv for Op's mom, perhaps? Maybe he was a punk when he was younger.... If you share her paranoia, by all means investigate, though it does sound like she's jumping into conclusions....or has some other ulterior motive.

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#4-Your picture, profile, and comment are disturbing.

SadDashie92 3

I don't even wanna know what's on your tongue...

Get you and your damn screwed up tongue outa here.

Is that a pepto bismol tongue? I've had that before

We sure can! :) but I think OP's mom is around the bend...

They can be at times, they have their generation and we have ours.

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Honestly I gave you a thumbs up only because your picture is AMAZING and made me laugh. I didn't even read your comment.

Why does he have a skull tattoo anyway?

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Because he wanted one. Does it really call for more explanation than that? No. Nothing wrong with someone getting a skull tattoo, I know plenty.

31- the.... Uh,..... FML team?!? :/ It's the moderators, dummy...

Because we live in a country where you can get a tattoo of whatever you want...

Heck, I have a hard enough time dealing with people saying I'm ruining gods work by putting the abomination of butterflies on my ankle. I feel bad for OP's hubby. :( I hope he takes the criticism ok and still loves his tattoo! And to answer the "why" does he have a skull. Some people like those things. And some people get tattoos the mark a certain event or memorable moment in their life. All mine have a reason and in 40 years when they are wrinkly I can look at them and know who I was and what I was thinking.

thatKidzmOm 10

Because its his body and he can do whatever he wants with it. Good enough answer for me!!

31- Real flattering angle of your self, good choice of a display picture.

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Eriksen, you must be new.....

melibear89 7

31- really? How can you not figure out what "FML team" is? The rest of us figured it out without asking. Your either new or your as dense as post.

Why do you not have a tattoo of a skull?:)

perdix 29

Run! Maybe your mom is right. Do you want to have her engrave "I told you so" on your tombstone? If he's not a murderer, he's just a poseur pirate, which is almost worse!

it means he has killed ppl... totally just kidding

Every skull represents 5 people he has killed. You better run OP!!! Haha

Don't worry, it doesn't mean that at all! It just means you married a Death Eater.

OP's mother is obviously a muggle and doesn't understand.

raraisbang 12

In that case, OPs husband might soon kill OPs mom, and he shamefully married a mudblood!

Does the tattoo have a snake tongue? Filthy muggles... Always jumping to conclusions.

I'm pretty sure the death eaters killed people.

Tali147 16

Oh he is most definitely a murderer. The tattoo says so. That's almost as bad as my grandmother. She's convinced that every man in America with a shaved head is racist and wants to rape me.

wlddog 14

Hey hey hey now. I was drunk and you did all the work.

the_anti_hipster 7

My mother is convinced that my nose piercing is some kind of indication of homosexuality, like the "left ear" piercing for dudes in the '90s. I have yet to tell her I'm bisexual. I'm afraid she'll break out the holy water.