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wow, what a screwed up family that you belong to

wow some relationship labyrinth


So what? It's like trading spouses/swimgers!

"omagosh... NO WAY!" Can someone please tell me where that is from?

ahaha my friend always tells me about his coach who always hits on his (not divorced) mom so he's just a total ass to his coach it's great :P

yeaa it good for the enviroment too... recycled husbands will keep the air nice and clean.

"On this episode of Wife Swap..."

7 u are so Fucking Ugly

Your one to talk... don't even have a pic and your calling people ugly. Smart one!

Since when do you need a pic to call someone ugly?

@#31 yea! people can be ugly in the inside...on a side note i dont see what the problem is op. looks like a win win situation to me.

Your nickname said it all...

who cares whos hot whos ugly dude with the knight photo!

haha Rednecks like to keep it on the family circle rotation haha lol

In what situation would you be forced to listen to her conversation? Even so, I don't see why you couldn't try to block her out.

I changed my pic. Happy?

That sucks fyl!

wow, what a screwed up family that you belong to

wow some relationship labyrinth

do u have something up ur ass

8. are you trying to look funny in your pic? cause... ew.

you made my day sad : /

haha dats mest up..lmao but it was funny

sounds like a Tyler perry movie xD

haha it really does. everything is so twisted

mwomp mwomp, sucks for you. i would love to see a reality series of this.

Not an fml. Your mom should write an fml for having an immature whiny bitch child.

I live near that sign! I almost peed my pants when I drove past!

haha that's messed up

it's half the money but double the fun!