By messyfamily - 19/09/2010 07:31 - Australia

Today, I had to listen to my mother flirting on the phone with my dad's new girlfriend's ex-husband. FML
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Xquisite1 28

wow, what a screwed up family that you belong to

wow some relationship labyrinth


Jessi2487 0

wow haha

So what? It's like trading spouses/swimgers!

turtlemansam 6

"omagosh... NO WAY!" Can someone please tell me where that is from?

ifyouseekamy666 0

ahaha my friend always tells me about his coach who always hits on his (not divorced) mom so he's just a total ass to his coach it's great :P

Jessi2487 0

yeaa it good for the enviroment too... recycled husbands will keep the air nice and clean.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

"On this episode of Wife Swap..."

passionpitpanda 5

aw **** :(

7 u are so Fucking Ugly

DuckOnAStick 0

Your one to talk... don't even have a pic and your calling people ugly. Smart one!

Since when do you need a pic to call someone ugly?

zerobahamut03 2

@#31 yea! people can be ugly in the inside...on a side note i dont see what the problem is op. looks like a win win situation to me.

Your nickname said it all...

glambert1998 0

who cares whos hot whos ugly dude with the knight photo!


haha Rednecks like to keep it on the family circle rotation haha lol

Sockmonnser 0

In what situation would you be forced to listen to her conversation? Even so, I don't see why you couldn't try to block her out.

turtlemansam 6

I changed my pic. Happy?

That sucks fyl!

Xquisite1 28

wow, what a screwed up family that you belong to

wow some relationship labyrinth


do u have something up ur ass

screelov 0

8. are you trying to look funny in your pic? cause... ew.

PimpdaddyCJT 13

you made my day sad : /

Mclovin_95 0

haha dats mest up..lmao but it was funny

MadameJello 0

sounds like a Tyler perry movie xD

haha it really does. everything is so twisted

sprawlguard 0

Lmfao ftw

YouSuckAtLove 0

mwomp mwomp, sucks for you. i would love to see a reality series of this.

Not an fml. Your mom should write an fml for having an immature whiny bitch child.

YouSuckAtLove 0


patiencek 0

I live near that sign! I almost peed my pants when I drove past!

lovesteph3523 0

haha that's messed up

bravesfan112233 0

it's half the money but double the fun!