By lifesuck - United States
Today, while at a local river, I had been pulled underwater by a very fast and strong current. While fighting for my life, I had let go of my sandals so I could pull myself up. After explaining to my mom what had happened to me, her response was "YOU LOST YOUR SANDALS!?" FML
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  CitizenSnipz  |  0

I was 4 and I got sucked into a thick muddy canal. The kind where it goes underground. My babysitter stuck in her hand randomly and grabbed mine. I lost my lucky hat, but I kept my life. I still have nightmares about it.

  ironballs16  |  0

I'm pretty sure it was that OP was wading through the river with his sandals in his hands so that his bare feet would be able to keep a grip on the rocks. While struggling to get back to the surface, he had to let go of the sandals so he could use his hands better and avoid drowning.