By lifesuck - 19/09/2010 14:11 - United States

Today, while at a local river, I had been pulled underwater by a very fast and strong current. While fighting for my life, I had let go of my sandals so I could pull myself up. After explaining to my mom what had happened to me, her response was "YOU LOST YOUR SANDALS!?" FML
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No, she's fighting her fore-life, duh! She hath been enlightened and struggles to not go back to the before time!

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@#11 of course that's what he meant. @OP maybe they were some very expensive sandals? lol jk! that sucks.

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I was 4 and I got sucked into a thick muddy canal. The kind where it goes underground. My babysitter stuck in her hand randomly and grabbed mine. I lost my lucky hat, but I kept my life. I still have nightmares about it.

bullshit that's your fault for going too deep in a river.. smh

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mayb they were Gina sandals? those r ridiculously expensive

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we gota word for that down here in Georgia. biotch

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Wow that sucks, how much were the sandels?

See post and replies about price and tacos.

my mom would prob laugh at the fact of me almost dying! :

That sucks.. maybe they were expensive sandals. :/

Wait. You were swimming in sandals? You were wading and a current sucked you out if your sandals? Help this make sense please? And YDI for losing your sandals.

I'm pretty sure it was that OP was wading through the river with his sandals in his hands so that his bare feet would be able to keep a grip on the rocks. While struggling to get back to the surface, he had to let go of the sandals so he could use his hands better and avoid drowning.