By Loser - 17/03/2010 04:41 - Canada

Today, I got into a fight with the dryer over a plastic toy car. My hand is bleeding and numb, three of my nails are broken and I have a bruise on my chin. The plastic car is still stuck in the now broken dryer. FML
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you sound like a darwin award winner. if you don't know what that is, google it and you'll see exactly what i mean. OP: please do not reproduce.

Here are three.


Here are three.

I guess the drier won.

78euge781995 0

but it died in the process of wining.

78euge781995 0

I meant to say winning.

They both lost .....Hot wheels/Mighty machines FTW!!

And this was a handicap fight .....YDI both for trying 2 gang up on that lil car ....betchu didnt kno it was a ninja?? ...u do now dont ya buddy

what'd this moron do, tumble around inside?

dumb ass... its called turning the dryer off first

Who gets in a fight with the dryer wooow

HANG ON.....what do your posts have anything to do with mine? Only foe had something to do with my glorious first post... Where is Sirin when you need her. >_>

Just arriving, as it happens!

I'm sorry to say, but people will always reply to the first comment. It's a fact of the FML website whether we like it or not.

Looks like it's been taken care of =)


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ive gotten into fights with appliences before too....they have always won :-/ haha

round two anyone?

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how do you loose a fight with an inanimate object?

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sirin I have a suggestion people post on thr first comment to be up top if you create a seperate page for comments on the comments, it could eliminate the problem with irrelevant replies

@106: Hi there. It's a good idea, and we're toying with several, such as collapsable comment threads, both to avoid the thread jacking problem, and to make it easier for mobile users to comb through the comments as a whole. I'm not directly responsible for all of that though, but it's in discussion, I can assure you :)

Next time, try turning the dryer off first. That should help.

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that's really mean. like if u know how much pain it is to have a nail broken.. maybe she got it broken all the way to the meat and that hurts like hell

Wow I don't think that's the point. I mean did you not read this? Her face us bruised and she's bleeding something like that happens to you and we'll say get over it:)

i agree actual does hurt so much if u break a nail

Not to mention the broken dryer which can be expensive to fix or replace.

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yeah but how the he'll does this even happen? I think pain follows idiots around

this chick is an ugly **** who has nothing but negative and pessimistic things to say.

Jessi_Rose96, another example of "ugly people with ugly personality".

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I used to wonder what was so bad about breaking a nail too, until I got some and was playing football with my friend, yes i'm a girl, but the ball got caught in the tree and I jumped to grab it and my nail caught in the bark and ripped off... I felt really dumb cuz I started crying but that really does hurt!

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Ah yes but her hand is also bleeding profusely by the sound of it, and the car has f*cked up her washing machine. I imagine if you were in that situation you would not be able to 'get over it' when you would have to go to the ER and pay to get the washing machine fixed.

MF12 0

I hate this girl.

i don't think breaking a nail hurts as much as seeing this ladies face. gives me the chills.

I don't understand it /:

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2 is hideous ughh

sugarbabyxoxo 2

#2... your sick Bahahah

just saying, "lol". I mean I thought I was ugly until I looked at Jessie-rose's picture; then my skeleton left my body as I cringed, then i just started laughing my ass off. :-/

Nice to know that people ARE as shallow as they seem. Glad picking on a 14 year old girl makes you feel better, and btw? Sarcasm. Wow, and I thought there were actually smart people on this world. Silly me! :)

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#2's face makes me want to cut out my eyeballs with a marble

Except you were the one being a bitch in the first place. I guess being 14 gives you, and only you, that right, huh? Also, everyone knows what sarcasm is. Jesus.

jessi stfu u know u were being serious.

# 94 ;; "Glad picking on a 14 year old girl makes you feel better" no one cares that you're 14 you little twat. If you can't handle criticism you probably shouldn't post things on here, or anywere. Grow the **** up, by the way you are really ugly. Your earlier comment was rude "Oh my God, I broke a nail!!! *gasp* Get over it." So obviously people were being rude back. Grow the **** up, people like you give teenagers like me a bad name [thanks for that ;) ]. Get over yourself. Serously.

you tell her. Today, i was sarcastic and a bitch and ppl were mean to me about it. FML??

Yeah man, people like that piss me off. Little girls that think they're better than everyone else. Makes me wanna puke.

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Brat... breaking a nail actually does hurt at times

you sound like a darwin award winner. if you don't know what that is, google it and you'll see exactly what i mean. OP: please do not reproduce.

pretty sure they already did, hence the little toy car.

rohosoccer08 1

it could be her kids favorite toy, not to mention the fact thst she needed to remove it so it didn't break the dryer, which it ended up doing in the process anyway

You kind of deserve it for giving up. Victory or.. death!

This is LAUNDRY!!!

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haha 300 reference win

lmmaoo @ 15 made my day and it just started "TONITE WE FOLD IN HELL!!!"

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how did the car end up in the dryer? jw...

rodstayposted 0

to quote the great red Forman from that 70's show, "DUMBASS"

ahhahah who names their kid red any how?

SeedlessMe 13

Red is a nickname.. His name is Reginald heehee, sorry, I watch Way too much TV!

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I ******* love That 70s Show <3 IMO it's the best show ever :)

rodstayposted 0

I kno right?

andnumb... L2SpaceBar.

you should've just turned off the dryer then take the toy car out :S

it was off obviously, my little brother dropped it into the duct where the fuss goes and if I didn't get it out it could've started a fire.

perdix 29

At least you fought it to a draw! You make humanity proud for showing you our race's dominion over technology. . . or just being able to **** it up more than it ****** you up, by a slim margin.

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I'm confused as to what happened. Is the OP mentally challenged or something?

yeah I was wondering the same thing cuz when I open my dryer it stops so how the heck did the op get hurt?

it could hav stopped running but i've seen numerous simpletons hurt themselves upon stationary objects .....she prob wus using alot of force thrashing it about thus breaking a nail an possibly bussing herself in the facee lmaoo "bussing in the face" (peter griffin laugh)

it was off, my brother dropped his car into the duct at the front where the fuzz guard thing goes, and it can start a fire, plus my little brother loves that car and I didn't want him to get stuck or hurt.

ouchh that's gotta hurt