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  Stazza11  |  27

Everybody cries, some people more than others, and like #1 said there is no shame.

If it wasn't meant to happen we wouldn't have emotions or tear ducts.

  CerSpence  |  11

Ok, not going to lie here. I'm a football player, don't generally consider myself a sensitive person, but the scene where Augustus Waters dies, I balled like a child.

  Arthurie  |  30

174 - Just because it was a book first doesn't mean the movie's scene reveals aren't spoilers. To those who haven't watched the movie nor read the book, it's giving something away within the story and thus, a "spoiler."

  QueenofWheels  |  13

I didn't see the movie. I plan on reading the book some day. Not shocked nor has it spoiled it for me that in a book about cancer somebody dies. Would have been more shocked if nobody died.

  popprock  |  13

I'd much rather have a guy that shows he has emotions rather than none. And besides how can you not cry in that movie?! She must have seen it before.

  cryptic26  |  12

In verifying degrees. Yes, most woman do want some what of a sensitive guy, just can depend on their level case by case. And I have to agree my ex would cry more than me. Normally wouldn't be an issue like with OP's movie, but sometimes he would with little silly things and he would call me heartless occasionally to make himself better. Like the Incredibles, great movie, but enough said. Had to promise never to tell about that one. :) It was funny because he was a big guy too. The tougher they are the more sensitive, they say.

  sweetest_jenn  |  18

She probably feared ruining her mascara/makeup and leaving a bad impression or looking silly. These are things women worry about when going on dates. That being said, maybe a tearjerker isn't a good movie choice for a first date, OP.

  sig4life  |  18

If it seems that everyone cries, and this movie really brings it out. Tear Jerker and all,

I think it says a lot more about her than him.

This may be one of those evil women your father warned you about.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I didn't really cry watching that movie. I teared up a bit, but I didn't find the movie to be nearly as emotional as the book. OP's date could be the same, she just preferred the book to the film.

  ItsATwinThing  |  9

I didn't cry in the film. I had a few lumps in my throat at certain scenes but the book had me crying. My sister hasn't read the book and she cries watching a lot of movies but didn't even cry watching the film which is REALLY odd.